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BBK Direct UK the leader in home Improvement Products.

Highest Quality, Lowest Prices, Best Service.....Always!

BBK Direct UK is a one-stop shop for bathroom, kitchen and bedroom products. Whether you're looking for kitchen worktops and appliances, bedroom furniture and storage units, bathroom wall panelling and units, or flooring products, we've got you covered.

Enhancing your home's interiors is more than selecting fabrics, splashbacks and electronic items. It is about setting a mood, creating a safe space to indulge in activities you love, and indicating your direction in life. You may be a pensioner seeking to make your home safe for yourself yet fun for when your grandkids visit. You could be an upwardly mobile couple looking to do up your home in a minimalist design simply because you stay away most of the time. No matter what your needs, our products will help you convert ideas and desires into action.

Why shop at BBK Direct UK?

Choose from an unbeatable selection to match your needs with the perfect solution

  • The largest selection of bathroom, bedroom and kitchen décor items in the UK

  • The biggest network of reputed manufacturers, brands, suppliers and installers

  • Items categorized by type to make your search easier and snappier! 

The best delivery lead-time's

  • We deliver to all areas of Mainland UK

  • Timely deliveries to the location you specify

  • Delivery achieved within 3-5 days on a majority of our products. For special order items and customized products manufactured only when ordered, the delivery period can extend to 7-14 days.

  • For template and fitting products; Lead time from order to template is 7-10 days and template to fitting is 7 days only 

Enjoy peace of mind with our quality and installation assurance

  • We follow a stringent vetting procedure to stock only superior quality products from trusted brands

  • Over 50% of all our products are locally manufactured

  • Over 75% of all our products are finally assembled or fabricated in the UK

  • All the products you buy on our site are either delivered by us or the manufacturers' carriers. You can be certain from the outset that the person is delivering the product you have ordered in perfect working condition.

  • Template and fitting are performed by Europe's largest worktop fabricator and installer. Only DuPont certified fitters handle the task to ensure flawless execution. 

Make the most of our price advantage

  • The prices stated are what you pay for, nothing more, nothing less. There are no hidden charges to worry about.

  • Huge savings are up for grabs. You get up to 50% off showroom, retail and trade prices from anywhere else in the UK. 

Get a free sample of the product you like within 24-48 hours of placing your request. The transition from selection to trial to final purchase and installation is quick and smooth! 

Give your home some TLC 

Your home is your personal sanctuary. It is defined and molded by the look, character and feel of its interior. Regardless of your lifestyle, you would want your house to be functional, attractive and secure. And this would be impossible to achieve without the right utility and décor items. BBK Direct is happy to assist you with your home decoration and upgrade projects.

Shop from the comfort of your couch. We will do the heavy-lifting for you. Start now and give wings to your design aspirations! We look forward to helping you transform your house into your home.

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    In the first instalment LARGE BATHROOMS - BBK DIRECT TIPS ON HOW TO USE THE SPACE – PART 1 we covered Baths, showers and toilets, which are basically the main items in a bathroom, however they are not more important than any of the other item we are going to discuss in part 2 which will be bathroom wall panelling/covering, basins, storage, towel rails and briefly on bathroom flooring as all of these contribute a lot to the practicality, hygiene a

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    What if you do have a larger house and are not so limited by a budget? Well let us tell you, this can be just as a daunting task as trying to make a small area work, and you can find yourself quickly over capitalizing and simply making a potentially wonderful area into one that is not used to its full potential and simply impractical.

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    Helpful Tips - Measuring Up Your Kitchen For Units, Worksurfaces & Appliances

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    Latest Kitchen Trend 2017-2018: Thin/Slim-Line Worktops and Products That Satisfy This Demand

    2014 and 2015 was definitely the year for chunky thick work-surfaces with big contrasts in colour and textures. For example our customers would choose very light units (light cream or even ivory white), Dark wooden flooring with dark coloured tops or even blue or red just to stand out more.

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  • Posted by Reuben Mein July 11, 2017

    Need to Find a Trusted Tradesman? BBK Tradesman has the answer!

    To insure our customer service is second to none we have launched the no-mess, no-fuss BBK Tradesman UK website. Here you can post free projects and get online quotes from trusted tradesman that service your area.


Fast reliable delivery in 3-5 working days. Please note*** Some products are only produced when ordered so these products and more distant delivery areas could have extended delivery dates. But you will receive a confirmed deliverey date within 24hours of placing your order and we will keep you well informed of ETA's, so you can plan your days better.


We definitely have the lowest prices on all the top home improvement brands in the UK and have a price match promise to stand by this. Also all our prices displayed on BBK Direct UK is the final product price, so you can rest assure that you wont get an unexpected surprise when placing your order.


With us you will definitly be spoilt for choice. Yes we have many different brands for a specific product, but rest asure they are all the top brands in the UK. We do this to make sure you find exactly what you looking for at the price you are looking for.

Free Samples

Call us on 0203 397 3998 or email us with your sample request to samples@bbk-direct.uk.com

Please include the following on your sample request, full name, full delivery address (Inc. post code), and contact number. Also include the manufacturer, colour and texture (If applicable) that you would like to receive a sample of or simply copy the url of the product into your sample email. 

Please note: All samples take 24-48hrs to be delivered. We pride ourselves on customer service excellence, so a BBK Direct UK staff member will call in 2-3 days to confirm that the samples have been received and help with any questions you may have.

Hardwood samples are charged at £7 per sample, one sample is refundable when purchasing your hardwood worktops.

Secure Payment

All online payments are done through PayPal the worlds most secure payment System, so shop online with us in total safety and confidence - ***Please Note*** No PayPal Account Required, Simply Pay With Debit Or Credit Card.

UK Nationwide Template & Fitting

The largest fabricator and installer in the UK for Granite, Quartz and Corian by Dupont worktops is now at your disposal. So contact us TODAY for an obligation free quote, and see that the best can also be the most affordable

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