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Engineered Flooring

Once installed, the majority of people cannot tell the difference between engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring. But that is not the main reason that home owners choose it. Engineered wood flooring is seriously tough, it does not expand and contract as much as solid wood, it manages to add an element of sophistication and class to the room without costing you a fortune. At BBK Direct, you can find a collection of engineered wood flooring that will suit your design requirements.


Choosing the right engineered wood flooring


Not all engineered wood floors are created equal. The large variety in styles and types can make it difficult to decide which one you want to install in your home. Given below is a short guide to help you narrow down to the ones most suitable for your requirements.


  1.       The number of Layers:


Engineered wood floors are created by gluing together several layers of wood, with their grains opposing each other so that they are less prone to movement. More layers means that the floor will be much stronger and resistant to expansion and contraction, even if the overall thickness remains the same.


  1.       The type of wood:


The type of wood adds a unique personality to the floor, which is why it is more of a personal choice to go for the wood that suits the interior styles of your home. Walnut, merbau and other exotic woods are dark in colour and are more suited to modern themes, while maple and beech work well in more traditional settings.


  1.       Choosing the finish:


The surface treatment influences the feel, color and the resistance to damage. Brushed finish highlights the texture of the wood, distressed finish makes it look vintage while satin finish provides a smooth sheen to the surface. Choose floors that have as many finishing layers as possible as it lasts much longer.


A wide variety of engineered wood flooring


At BBK Direct, we believe in providing high quality products that helps you create your dream home. Browse through our collection of engineered wood flooring and click on the products to find out more specific details. 

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