How To Get Your Free Samples?

Simply call us on 0203 397 3998 or email us with your sample request to 

What To Include On Your Sample Request? 

Please include the following on your sample request, full name, full delivery address (Inc. post code), and contact number. Also include the manufacturer, colour and texture (If applicable) that you would like to receive a sample of or simply copy the url of the product into your sample email.

BBK Direct UK Customer Service Excellence - Even With Samples!

Most samples are posted first class and can take between 24-72 hrs to be delivered. We pride ourselves on customer service excellence, so a BBK-Direct UK staff member will call within a couple of days to confirm that the samples have been received and help with any questions you may have.

What Does It Cost and How Many Can I Get?

We ask clients to not order more than 6 samples at a time, so we can have some form of fair usage in place. However, if you receive your samples and do not think any are suitable, we will happily send out another 6 samples of your choice.

All Quartz, Granite, MAKStone and Wooden worktop samples are charged @ £ 6.00 per sample.

Although our wooden worktops are sourced from sustainable forests and FSC approved, we all play a part in preserving our environment. Therefore, we only allow 2 wooden worktop samples per client.

Unfortunately we are unable to supply Quick-Step flooring samples, this can be ordered directly from Quick-Step on their website. 

Please note that some manufacturers use second class postage and sample may take between 3-5 working days to arrive.