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No matter what your flooring vision, you'll find an exciting range of patterns and hues across the four most popular types of flooring materials: wood, engineered wood, laminate and vinyl. Great quality, reputable brands and unmatched prices are at your disposal. Once you've made up your mind, have a free sample delivered to your location within 24-48 hours.


Good quality flooring matters


The floor of a house or commercial establishment may not be the first thing you notice on-premise but you eventually get around to either admiring its aesthetics and quality or turning your nose up at it! Floors either add to or detract from an otherwise appealing interior. But beyond the superficial, good quality flooring is also important from a practical point of view. After all, it is the foundation of your home or office interior.


Your floor weathers a lot of traffic each day, which can cause chipping, fading and staining over time. All flooring options offer their own advantages and trade-offs with regard to durability and maintenance. Some are designed for high-traffic areas while others make low-maintenance and easy upkeep a priority. You'll also find flooring solutions that tick all your boxes. In a nutshell, the overall desirability and value of a flooring product is dependent on several factors and individual preferences.


Regardless of the flooring ideas you have in mind, it pays to make quality a priority. That means adherence to international standards for quality coupled with flawless installation. The good news is that the flooring products on BBK Direct are the world’s most top quality brands, crafted to the highest quality management standards, so all that will be left for you to do is simply install.


A look at our the four main types of flooring


Wooden flooring

Wooden flooring is an excellent long-term investment. Solid wood floors are valued for their beauty, warmth and character. They create an illusion of space and transform the look and feel of interiors easily. The large choice in wood species, stains, patterns and colors allows for much experimentation. Whether you want a modern or rustic interior, the right wooden flooring product can bring your ideas to life!


Vinyl flooring

If you're looking for budget flooring material, vinyl is hard to beat. Long-term warranties on vinyl flooring can be as much as 20 years, so it is also a durable material. You have a vast choice in styles to choose from, many of which mimic the appearance of expensive, luxurious materials such as wood and marble. Vinyl floors are easy to maintain, requiring a sweep or mop-up from time to time.


Engineered flooring

Engineered wood flooring technology has advanced rapidly over the years. Engineered wooden floors are available in a range of colors and styles, with superior quality products being virtually indistinguishable from solid plank floors. Resistant to moisture, these floors can be nailed down, glued or placed using a tongue-and-groove system.


Laminate flooring

If you ask around for eco-friendly flooring options, chances are that laminate will be suggested to you. That's because laminate flooring is a synthetic product made from recycled natural resources. It can imitate the look of wood or stone, and as such, is malleable to an array of design requirements. Durable and scratch resistant, laminate flooring has stood the test of time and continues to be a sought-after option in homes across the UK.


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