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Underfloor Heating

Heating up your home keeps people comfortable and healthy during cold weather, but radiators provide only localized heating and take up a lot of valuable wall space. Underfloor heating takes away the drawbacks of using a radiator and gives many more advantages in return, including uniform heating for the entire room and minimal maintenance. The underfloor heating systems available at BBK Direct can give you the comfort of warmth in your home.


Preparing your home for an underfloor heating system


Underfloor systems are much more energy efficient and effective in heating a room than a radiator. But installing it requires some effort. This short guide will help you through the process of getting a good underfloor heating system for your home:


  1. Home insulation: Before you install any indoor heating equipment, make sure that your home is well insulated. This makes sure that the energy used to heat your home is not wasted on dealing with external drafts of air or escaping heat. Get your home insulated by a professional before you consider installing heating or cooling equipment.


  1. Type of underfloor heating system: Underfloor heating systems are either powered by hot water or by electricity. The wet system draw warm water from your home's central heating system. Electric mat systems draws energy from the main power supply. Electric systems are usually easier to install on higher floors while wet systems require more space.


  1.  Size of the room and flooring type considerations: While choosing the type of and capabilities of your underfloor heating system, you need to consider the temperature you desire, the heat loss, ceiling height, volume of the room and the type of flooring. Thicker flooring takes longer to heat up, and some materials such as vinyls and laminates may not be suitable for use with an Underfloor Heating system.


A great choice of underfloor heating only at BBK Direct


BBK Direct gives you the tools you need to make your home functional, comfortable and beautiful. Browse through our collection of underfloor heating systems and click on the products to find out more on specs, energy rating and cost.

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