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Planning the interior design of your bedroom can be quite difficult, especially if you're working with limited floor space. You absolutely need the essentials – a nightstand, a chair or two, a dresser and bedroom storage units. But do you need a television, desk or a trunk at the end of your bed? Take some time to figure out what can enhance and what can clutter your bedroom given its layout and square footage. As you start striking off bedroom ideas and/or adding new ones, browse our collection of bedroom furniture, wardrobe doors and storage units to create a visually-pleasing and functional retreat.


How to choose bedroom furniture


Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom and the starting point to arrange the furniture you intend to add. In fact, the bed itself is a category of furniture, so your very first decision may be to decide the size and design of your bed. Modern beds are available in a range of lengths (measured by the length of the side rails) and can be either minimalist or elaborate.


There is also an array of free-standing bedroom furniture, from desks to night-stands. You'll need to decide whether you need a small corner desk to fill a dead space in a part of your bedroom or a proper work desk which you will be using very often. In selecting a night-stand, you must determine if a modern glass nightstand suits your contemporary bedroom or a wood finish is a better option. Then there is the price factor: are you willing to pay a big price for fabulous furniture pieces or are you fine buying cheap bedroom furniture for the time being?


Regardless of the bedroom ideas you have in mind, browse our collection and you're sure to find something you like and must absolutely have!


Bedroom internal storage units


Your choice of bedroom storage units will depend on what all you expect to stow away in the room. This will help you assess the drawer and hanging space required to securely and comfortably store those items.


When it comes to storage units, what is on the inside is more important than what lies outside! Smart internal storage is just what you need to maintain all your 'stuff' in a clutter-free manner. Thoughtfully-designed bedroom storage units typically allow you to compartmentalize different things – whether its clothes and towels, just shoes, or clothes, shoes and accessories....through drawers, hangers, cabinets and other nifty organizers.


Check out the catalog of bedroom internal storage units from different manufacturers on our site. You'll be surprised at some of the innovative and creative solutions that clear the mess and suit the needs of the hoarders and compulsive buyers amongst us!


Sliding wardrobe doors


Sliding wardrobe doors are an excellent option when you have limited space. They help you save space by doing away with the hinged doors in regular wardrobes and integrating into your wall with side panels.


They are available in a range of styles and finishes, which means you don't have to tear your hair out trying to find one that complements the rest of your interior décor perfectly! Peruse the sleek and high-quality sliding wardrobe doors from reputed manufacturers on our site and don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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