List of products by brand Aria

Formica Aria

Style without compromise.

Classic bold designs incorporate marble veining, granite textures or engineered stone patterns in a colour palette of sophisticated neutrals.  Manufactured as a single slab, the solid construction is waterproof and gives consistent colour throughout. Aria provides the same aspirational, clean, visual appeal of natural or engineered stone; but without the associated expense or complexity of install.

Manufactured in two thicknesses, with 12mm and 20mm available, this range can help you transform your kitchen into the living space you have always desired.


Aria’s solid one piece construction means it is highly impact and abrasion resistant, which is perfectly suited to surviving the toil of day-to-day life.

Heat resistant

Aria worktops are heat resistant to a maximum of 160 degrees Celsius, providing you with the protection you need from boiling liquids and hot surfaces.


A fully waterproof worktop enables you to add curves, chamfer edges and have drainage grooves added - ideal for incorporating design features such as under-mounted sinks. Due to its non-porous properties, Aria’s surface is resistant to stains from everyday products.


Liquids cannot penetrate the surface, making it easy to wipe away spillages. This combined with its inert properties stops bacteria and mould from taking hold.

Simple and low cost installation

Aria worktops can be cut on site and installed using standard tools, which eliminates the time and expense of complex measuring and installation equipment usually associated with stone and engineered stone alternatives.