List of products by brand Maia

Maia Worktops for the kitchen by Sylmar

Maia worktops for UK kitchens. If you are looking for work surfaces that add to the elegance and ambience of your modern kitchen, Maia Worktops has just what you need. The brand’s mainstay is its worktops range which is designed to be luxurious, yet practical for use in a kitchen that witnesses heavy wear and tear. The brand uses acrylic resin with aluminium hydroxide to create this versatile material that is as practical as it is fashionable.

What's In The Range?

Uncompromisingly durable, yet aesthetically designed, Maia’s work surfaces are the perfect alternative to the traditional options. A most appealing feature of these that makes them so much better than stone or other work tops is that they can be easily installed for a seamless finish. These are designer solid surface worktops meant for the carefully designed premium kitchens and the silky smooth finish of the work surface is sure to blend in perfectly with a variety of kitchen styles. Here at BBK Direct UK we also offers free swatches to help potential buyers see for themselves how the Maia worktop looks in their home setting. With better heat resistance, lower cost, 15 colour options, greater smoothness and better visual appeal, there is no reason why not to make Maia a top contender in your selection of worktop considerations.

Why should I choose this product and what are some of the highlights of the product?

  • 3mm Layer of acrylic material on a sub-frame to give overall thickness of either 28mm, 42mm or 54mm.
  • Can achieve seamless joints.
  • No specialist tools required for installation.
  • Biggest modular size selection out of all composite brands. Wide range of sink modules that include a sink and drainer grooves already adhered to the Maia work surface.
  • Renewable surface, light sanding returns worktop to its original condition.
  • Heat, impact and scratch resistant. Surface is 100% hygienic as it is a non-porous.
  • All colours have matching upstands and splashbacks for that perfect rounded finish.

Available Accessories

The Maia accessories range includes products that help make the installation of Maia worktops even easier, with full Maia installation kits, Maia jointing kits and much more.

Product Guarantee

Testifying to the incredible resilience and durability of these work surfaces is the FIRA Gold Award for excellence in product that Maia by Sylmar have been awarded. All work surfaces from this brand come with an impressive 10 year guarantee showing that the company makes good its promise to use only the best materials in the manufacturing process. Stringent testing of the products further helps the brand maintain its long duration guarantee without trouble.

What about Maia Delivery in mainland UK?

Maia worktops are only manufactured when ordered this cancels out any batch matching issues that face other composite brands. But with this mentioned it still only takes 7-10 days from placing of order to delivery. Once order is placed you will you will receive a confirmed delivery date in 24hours and an estimated time of arrival 1 day prior to your delivery.