List of products by brand Duropal by Pfleiderer

Duropal by Pfleiderer Laminate Kitchen Worktops

Quality laminate worktops have a new identity with Duropal. The company, which is a world-leader in the production of high-quality, high-pressure worktop laminates, is now a part of the Pfleiderer group.

The company has been producing state-of-the-art laminates since its birth in 1958. Over the years, the company’s commitment to quality ad standard has only grown, just as its popularity and its hold in the market. Having an experience of five decades on its side, Duropal continues to offer the same quality products as it has traditionally been famous for.

Why Duropal Laminate Worktops?

The worktop laminates by Duropal are enhanced for quality, strength and amazing looks. The laminate surfaces are available in various types of textures, which do not just create a “real feel” affect but also have practicality features. For example, Duropal’s Top Face finish is slightly textured and velvet type surface texture which would be more suitable for high use areas.

And on the other side, surface finishes such as the High Gloss have been designed for lighter use where the overall appearance is more important than ultimate durability. As you go through the available options, you will be able to see the differences in each type and we are sure you will find that perfect balance between looks and practicality.

Despite these differences between colours, textures and feel, all the Duropal laminates have durability and quality at the core of every design. Which means, no matter what you choose, with the Duropal assurance, you would have made the best choice either way. The effort and technology that has been invested into Duropal’s true scale and high definition printing procedures has truly created a true cost effective alternative to natural material, and it is an alternative that will be hard to tell apart.

Duropal worktops are easy to process and extremely durable. They offer a wide range of decors, surface structures and core materials – making them the material of choice for modern, long-lasting and hygienic kitchen design.

• 45 exciting decors available as 40mm post-formed worktops,
• 8 of those decors are duplicated in a modern 20mm square edged worktop,
• a further 8 decors in 40mm square edged,
• and finally 12 decors in the ultra modern 12mm solid core compact worktop.

HPL surface:
Duropal worktops are surfaced with genuine high-pressure laminate guaranteed to EN 438; hardwearing and easy to clean.

Guaranteed moisture and heat resistant to EN 204. Only featured on post-formed worktops.

Post-formed edge:
The profiled front edge of Duropal worktops is designed to help prevent liquid spills finding their way into drawers and cupboards. Please note that the post-formed edge is available for a selection of 45 decors.

Certified to the highest standards:
As a large consumer of chipboard, we ensure that all our material carries the PEFC certification, guaranteeing that it comes from properly environmentally managed and sustainable sources. We have also achieved independent PEFC accreditation to provide surety for “chain of custody”. 

What kind of warranty does Duropal Offer?

Duropal products have a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, and each worktop has the unique seal designed for optimal protection from moisture and steam.

How long does it take to deliver Duropal?

All Duropal colours and sizes are stocked and delivered in 3-5 days anywhere in mainland UK. Once your order is placed you will be notified of an exact delivery date and one of our friendly staff will also contact you a day before delivery to supply an estimated time of arrival.

Once you have found your perfect Duropal colour below, simply “View” the product to get more info on sizes available, pricing and more. Remember to take advantage of our Free Duropal Samples, so you can make an informed decision. *Six free samples per customer.