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Vinyl Flooring

The advantages that vinyl flooring offer are hard to beat. It's resistant to water and dirt, and it is one of the easiest floors to maintain. It's incredibly durable and can last for well over two decades. and it also has a felt or foam layer beneath the vinyl surface that provides a much softer flooring than tile or even wood. We at BBK know that you look beyond mere functionality when you choose vinyl flooring, which is why we have an extensive collection of attractive vinyl designs to suit every taste from the top quality brands.


Choosing the right vinyl flooring


Vinyl flooring does provide a lot of value for its price, but it can be difficult to choose the best one for your home. Given below is a short guide to buying the right one for your needs.


Vinyl flooring type:


Vinyl floors come in two main types: sheets and tiles or planks. Vinyl plank floorings are manufactured in plank format and has a click or tongue and groove system that makes its installation a much easier and mess free. Sheet vinyl’s are prepared in rolls and can be cut according to the dimensions of the room, making it much easier to install seamlessly, but they do not always have that high end feel like vinyl planks do.


Thickness and wear resistance:


The thickness of the top most layer has a huge influence on the amount of wear that the flooring can tolerate. Some manufacturers also coat the surface with layers of urethane to make it more resistant to scuff marks, scratches and stains, and make the lustre last longer.


Patterns and colours:


Vinyl flooring is considered to be an interior designer's dream because of the incredible versatility it offers. You can choose from an array of patterns to suit both traditional and modern design requirements. Printed vinyl gives a glossy finish to the floor while inlaid vinyls have a richer finish. Vinyl is also an excellent imposter, and can be designed to look like tile, wood and even stone. Pick one that compliments or contrasts your design, the choice is yours.


A wide variety of vinyl flooring only at BBK Direct


We at BBK Direct are dedicated to offering everything that you need to make your home functional and beautiful. Browse through our collection of vinyl flooring and click on the products to view more details like colour, dimensions and price.

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