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Kitchen Sinks and Taps

Sinks and taps shouldn't be an afterthought when decorating a new kitchen or updating an old one. They must be chosen keeping in mind the available space, overall design of your kitchen and what worktop material you will be using.

Consider the following factors when selecting your kitchen sinks

  • The kind of sink configuration, like single, 1.5 or double bowl as well as left or right hand drainer.
  • The material (stainless steel, ceramic, composite)
  • The installation method. Under-mounted, Inset or Belfast, remember worktop material can also affect this consideration.
  • Accessories (mixer taps, drainers, chopping boards, colanders, cabinets, and so on)

BBK Direct UK puts a vast variety of kitchen sink products before you so you can explore various features against your needs and make the right choice.

Inset Sinks

Firstly For instance, you can look at inset or drop-in sinks that can be dropped right into a cut-out in the worktop. Some of them come with ‘free-drain’ area as part of the sink, which helps keep any runoff where it belongs, in the sink. This sink type is extremely popular with laminate and composite worktops that have an mdf sub frame and are not 100% waterproof.

Under-Mounted Sinks

The second and a very popular option is under-mounted sinks. This is exactly what the name implies, the sink is mounted to the underside of the worktop leaving the inner edge of the worktop sink cut-out visible. This is an option that can be considered when looking at solid and 100% waterproof worktop materials like Granite, Quartz and Solid Surface materials (No mdf sub frame) also if you would like drainer grooves these would have to be cut into the worktop surface, which is appealing but could add a little bit more onto your worktop cost.

Belfast Sinks

The third and a popular option when wanting to achieve a more classic look is a Belfast sink that tends to have front side of the sink exposed. The reasons for installing these sinks are mostly aesthetics but they are also extremely functional, especially in a large family environment –Belfast sinks are usually made of glazed porcelain and truly stand out in a kitchen. We would suggest using this sink type with solid materials the same as with with under-mounted sinks. Drainer groves can be routed into the worktops surface for greater practicality and visual affect.

Our kitchen sinks are available at the best prices you will find online and they are all of the highest quality guaranteed.

What to keep in mind when selecting a tap for your kitchen

  •          Hot water pressure
  •          Do you want the convenience of a pull-out spray?
  •          Single level or twin handle taps?
  •          Are you particular about installing a filtered water tap?

The kitchen taps on our site are manufactured by well-known and trusted UK brands. You're assured of quality, reliability and value, as well as a great shopping experience!

Below are all the our available categories for sinks and taps so view our amazing sink and tap offers today and do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

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