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UK’s best sink and tap accessories

Kitchen sink and tap accessories are definitely items that are overlooked and sometimes deemed unnecessary. We believe this shouldn’t be the case, allot of these accessories are produced by the manufacturers to not only make your life easier and your kitchen more functional but to make their sinks and taps a fixture that you can simply not do without, adding functional value to their overall product.

What type of Acc are there?

Strainer Bowls and Baskets – This Acc helps removing the need for a food preparation sink which can add unnecessary costs, plumbing and take up valuable counter space. This makes peeling, rinsing and prepping of vegetables and pretty much anything as effortless as possible. If you want to make the cleaning up process even easier and more hygienic consider having a garbage disposal unit also installed.


Plumbing Kits – This has always been put under accessories, but it is more of a necessity and if you consider going with a specific sinks manufacturers plumbing kit it could truly make a sink installation as easy as it should be.


Tap Brace - large or heavy taps might require additional support to overcome the occasional problem of “Flexing” which can present itself when larger taps are installed with stainless steel inset-sinks. It is installed underneath the sink for a seamless and non-obtrusive solution to this problem.


Glass Cutting/Prepping Board - They have always been a must in the kitchen when it comes to preparing food especially meat and other products that should be prepped on a suitable surface, not only for hygiene purposes but the cleaning up afterwards. Now imagine using one that was made to fit your sink and work as one for effortless food prep, hygiene and cleaning… enough said!


These are just a few of the most popular sink and tap accessories and they can all be browsed below. If you require any assistance picking out your perfect sink accessory simply contact one of our friendly and helpful staff for advice. 

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