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Undermounted Sinks

Undermounted kitchen sinks are a very popular choice when you want the maximum amount of worktop surface area to be visible, also this gives a clean and more uninterrupted look. The most popular material in this sink fitting option is stainless steel and acrylic, however they can also be in ceramic and even granite (Most commonly known as Fragenite). There are many different options to choose from but common/popular colours are brushed steel for stainless and slightly off white for acrylic/composite. Some other products you will find below are White undermount kitchen sink, double undermount sink, undermount stainless steel kitchen sink and ceramic undermount sink.

What is the most popular bowl configuration?

This is a question that is up to personal taste and how busy a kitchen is. However the options are limited as in all sink fitting options, so your choices would be, Single bowl, 1.5 Bowl (Generally one large and one half bowl) and then double bowl (Both Bowls equal size). Sometimes there will be an option for two large bowls and one half bowl, but this is not really necessary and not in very high demand.

What worktop material is best suited for this sink type?

Generally Granite, Quartz and Solid Surface worktops are best suited as they do not have chipboard or other MDF sub-frames that can be damaged by moisture. This is the biggest concern as the sink is fitted under the worktop exposing the inner edge of the sink cut-out.

However Composite worktops (layer of acrylic on a MDF) are more frequently being used with undermounted sinks, this is possible by cutting a rebate into the underside of the worktop, taking the chipboard back a couple of mm’s and connecting the sink directly to the underside of the 5mm acrylic layer. But this option should only be done by experienced kitchen fitters.

Best brands you should be looking at?

Well the truth is all the brands we stock here at BBK Direct are the best in terms of materials used and quality manufacturing procedures. However some of them do have a bigger range to choose from and some have slightly better after sales service in terms of replacement parts, valves etc.. We would suggest having a look at Franke, Rangemaster and Astracast these manufacturers tick all the right boxes.

Some kitchen tap info

Most UM sinks come with tap holes already in the sink with set positions. But the most popular is to have your tap holes set into your work surface, generally inexpensive and adds to that seamless and integrated look.

Don’t forget that you will have no drainer board attached to your sink, so remember to include this into your work surface just to help drain water to the correct area, helping with overall hygiene.  

How about delivery?

All our sinks are delivered in 3-5 days of placing your order and is delivered by us, so you can rest assure it will be delivered the first time round in perfect conditions.

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