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Belfast kitchen sinks has always been seen as farm style kitchen type of sink, and yes it is true that this type of sink does lend that country style charm to any kitchen. However people are starting to use this charm in more modern situations, by mixing new age materials and appliance to form a modern and sophisticated country style charm to their kitchens.

What is the most popular worktop material to use with Belfast Sinks?

Well due to the fact that the sink cut-out will be exposed and have to deal with an access of moisture, the good old favourites like Solid Granite and Quartz worktops are the most preferred. But it’s not just their ability to handle H2O better that makes them more popular with Belfast sinks, it’s the ability to lend that natural aspect of stone, granite or quartz which is synonymous with the country side living.

Can it be used with wooden worktops?

Most definitely and timber is another earthy type material that puts the word “country” into countryside. However timber if not sealed properly with for example Danish oil can cause some problems due to moisture etc.. We would suggest not only applying extra coats of oil to the sink cut-out edge but also maybe considering a harder wood species like Oak, Wenge or Walnut as their tight grain structure and natural ability to repel water is a great a great attribute to have with this sink type.

What modern worktop material would we suggest to install a Belfast sink with?

Even though Composite worktops can be used they often have a chipboard sub-frame that can be damaged by moisture if the edging is not installed properly or if the sink is not sealed properly. We would suggest a Solid Surface worktop like Mistral, Minerva or Apollo Slab Tech They are solid all the way through with NO sub-frame and are 100% non-porous perfectly suited for this sink type.

Please view below our carefully selected ranges, available for delivery in as little as 3 days to your doorstep anywhere on the Mainland UK. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always here to help!

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