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Kitchen Taps – Now that you selected your sink it’s time for an important addition, yes the humble and sometimes overlooked tap. Most people would not deem this a big or important decision, however after only a month of using it your cheap no name kitchen tap starts leaking, corroding, making noises and you are left spending your important time chasing down replacement parts which seems an impossible task, only then will you realise how important this choice actually was. This is definitely not saying that you must purchase the most expensive one you can find, simply make sure you look at more than just the price, like brand, warranty and after sale service as well.

So what should you look out for?

Manufacturer’s warranty – When it comes to this make sure that the manufacturer has at least a 5 year warranty on moving parts, valves etc. and 1 year warranty on the surface finish. Some of the best tap manufacturers will have this as warranty terms and should give you some piece of mind.

After sales service – It’s all good and well if a product/manufacturer claims to have a good warranty, but if they don’t have a warranty or parts service department the chances are great that trying to get a replacement part will be so frustrating that you will just give up and rather purchase a new tap ending up costing you more money than just going with a better brand from the start.  

Some extra things to consider when selecting a kitchen tap

Water pressure rating is something to consider as some taps preform best when there is adequate water pressure while others are designed to enhance water flow experience when there isn’t much pressure.

Take your sink selection into consideration, Single bowl, two and a half bowl, under-mounted, over-mounted… considering all these options will not only help you choose tap characteristics like spout reach, single or double lever, swivel or pull out spout etc. but also help answer the other questions like tap position and whether or not the tap hole must be placed in the sink, drilled into the work surface or maybe best to choose a wall mounted option to utilise worktop space better. No matter the answer your sink chosen will be a big deciding factor on what tap you chose!

So what does BBK Direct do to help?

We make things better, faster, simpler, cheaper always... Below is our extensive yet carefully selected range of available kitchen taps. All our products supplied are from the best brands available in the UK and viewed as some of the best manufacturers worldwide, so you can rest assure you will not only be getting the best product with the highest possible manufacturer’s warranty  but the best after sales service as well.

All our taps are in stock and delivered to all areas of mainland UK in 2-5 days, making sure you are not only finding what you are looking for, but getting it in the time you need it. 

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