Home / Site Delivery Price Increase Feb 2022

Home / Site Delivery Price Increase Feb 2022

With the circumstances surrounding the Brexit vote and implementation in recent years; as well as rising fuel prices, Covid pandemic and mandatory health and safety regulations relating to driving positions; we regret to announce a home delivery price increase from £42 to £60, effective as of 01 Feb 2022.

We have been committed to giving retailers and customers a constant that would help them navigate the uncertainty of the period. In the same spirit we have spent the last year withstanding the exponential rise in shipping costs as the unprecedented problems around the world continue.
Ultimately, the circumstance is such that we must implement a delivery cost increase for home deliveries.

The shortage of HGV drivers is due to a combination of Covid, Brexit and other factors, which has added to the unavoidable price increase. The snowball effect from Oct 2021 intense driver shortage has given a lot of companies a chance to rethink and evaluate their logistical circumstances in order to maintain great customer service and minimal damage during transit.
As per the news reports, we know that the government is taking a number of steps to address the shortage of HGV drivers. Covid has certainly been a big part of the problem.
As travel became increasingly restricted last year, and large parts of the economy shut down, many European drivers went home. And haulage companies say very few have returned.
The pandemic also created a large backlog in HGV driver Covid tests, it has been challenging to get enough new drivers.
There have also been tax changes making it more expensive for drivers from elsewhere in Europe to work or be employed in the UK.

We will strive to provide our clients with an excellent delivery service; and should you experience anything less please contact our friendly sales team to provide us with your valued feedback.

Most areas are covered using a 2-man delivery service; please enquire with our friendly sales team if you are unsure.

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