Latest BBK Direct Client Project - Laminate Ruby Quartz Kitchen Inspiration

Latest BBK Direct Client Project - Laminate Ruby Quartz Kitchen Inspiration

When I saw the above-mentioned image from one of our client, I was immediately energized. A feeling that I think this specific BBK-Direct client feels every day when walking into this beautiful kitchen.

Thanks to a very talented client, who kindly shared these images with us, we have a fantastic kitchen to showcase. A sensational combination of white, grey and red.

The white cabinet colour selection is simple and fresh, and lends itself to all sorts of possibilities. In this instance, the client opted for a vibrant laminate worktop colour called Bushboard Omega Ruby Quartz. A laminate worktop can add value to the kitchen layout, this beautiful quartz look-a-like colour is unique and doesn’t break the bank either.

The worktop colour is bright enough to act as a feature in the kitchen and adds warmth but it is not overpowering in comparison to the grey walls.

red laminate grey walls

The composite sink selection is so closely matched to the walls that it ties all the kitchen aspects together and forms a design that is sleek and modern.

Red worktop grey sink

The stunning induction hob choice fits in well with this kitchen adding another modern element to the mix. The Bushboard Omega worktops are available in 3m and 4m lengths. The specific run of worktop with fitted hob is seamless and flows from one side of the kitchen to the other without unnecessary jointing. The final touches included red colour matched appliances adding some personal character to the room. Black appliances to match the hob and oven would have worked well too.

 red laminate worktop long run   red laminate worktop breakfast bar

How to choose a Worktop Colour and Texture:

It can be daunting to start a new kitchen refurbishment. Most people know exactly what they want. Warm tones, cool tones, brick, wood, as white as possible, full of light, the possibilities are endless.

If you are someone that wants to add colour to your new kitchen but not exactly sure how, here are a few fabulous solutions.


The above-mentioned kitchen is a perfect example of how to add colour to a room by choice of worktop. A bright red worktop can seem over-whelming and may scare off most people but the fiery colour can also add warmth and with an added sparkle a hint of elegance too.

Another popular colour in a laminate worktop range is called Artis Bohemian Chrome Spirit. This is a blue-green colour with a high shine glass effect surface, it can add a calming ambience to a busy kitchen. The chrome edging paired with this colour captures an icy yet modern tenor.

spirit chrome laminate

Sometimes an uncomplicated solid black laminate colour with a textured surface can become a feature in a kitchen. A fantastic example would be the Bushboard Omega Noir in Roche finish. The surface finish captures the raw beauty of natural slate with its beautiful honed matt texture and depth of colour. If this surface is paired with white or light maple cabinet the worktop will become is focal point and a fantastic distraction in the kitchen.

 laminate roche finish

If you prefer a kitchen full of light and added sparkle but cannot afford a real Quartz worktop, the following colours may be of interest to you. Most laminate manufacturers have started to add a bit of glitter to the laminate worktop high definition printing procedure, specifically to mimic real stone quartz worktops. As you can tell form the red worktop images above, the difference is hardly noticeable. The most popular colours include; Bushboard Omega Strass Blanc, Bushboard Omega Strass Noir, Bushboard Omega Sandstone Quartz, Artis Original Snowstone Smoke, Artis Original Snow Blanco and Bushboard Omega Ruby Quartz.

artis original  artis original snow jdjdk Ruby quartz BB omega

sand stone glitter glitter white laminate worktop omega strass nior laminate

Colour doesn’t always mean bright or vivid. Colour can also come in the shape of a wood-effect laminate worktop with unique grain or block designs. A great example is the Axiom Wide Planked Walnut colour (see below), a unique printing design that can add colour to a kitchen. This surface will work well combined with cream or ivory unit door.

Axiom wooden laminate look alike

Another popular wood effect choice would include the distractive Omega Ebony Stripwood design and the complex Omega Olivewood worktops.

The images below will show you how beautiful the Ebony Stripwood and be paired with beige cabinet doors and a high gloss Champagne splashback. The contrast between gloss and velvety wood matt is a design quality that will be loved by all. The Olivewood image below is paired with a glossy white cabinet door, again highlighting the tones between matt and gloss. The outstanding grain detail on both options are a noteworthy addition to a kitchen that may or may not need a bit of colour.  

omega ebony wood laminate omega olive wood laminate kitchen top

Please visit our site again next week more worktop colour choices and different worktop materials to choose from.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information, friendly service or other helpful advice.


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    Brendalee blades-Edgar
    Jul 8, 2018

    Please could you send me a sample of your red worktop and do u cut to measure

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