How To Install Bushboard Nuance Wall Panelling

How To Install Bushboard Nuance Wall Panelling

Cutting & Drilling Nuance Wall Panelling

1. Cut using standard wood working tools and blades.

2. Use standard high speed drill bits or circular hole saw cutters – do not use spade type bits.

3. Allow 3mm clearance around all cut outs and holes to be back filled with BB Complete adhesive.

4. Use a circular saw fitted with a sharp blade to cut concealed edges.

5. Always cut with the panel face down and start all cuts into the factory finished postformed edge.

Installing Nuance Postformed Panels

1. Measure, mark and cut the panel to size allowing a 2mm gap for BB Complete adhesive at the 90° internal joint.

2. Remove the male edge with a circular saw or sharp knife, leaving the postformed edge intact.

3. Form cut outs and holes for services as required.

4. Test fit the panel dry for alignment, then remove and clean the back face using a clean damp cloth and allow to dry.

5. Apply beads of BB Complete adhesive as shown below.

 Applying BB Nuance Colour Matched  Adhesive

6. Carefully lift the panel in place onto 5mm spacers to hold the panel above the floor in readiness for back filling with BB Complete adhesive. Press back firmly all over ensuring the necessary 2mm gap for BB Complete adhesive where panels meet as shown below.

 2mm gap example for BB Nuance panels

8. Allow to cure for 24hrs before fitting the shower enclosure and accessories.

9. When fixing accessories ensure all loading is transferred through the panel to the wall.

10. Apply final finishing BB Complete adhesive beads between panels and shower or bath, and finally fully fill the 5mm gap at the base of the panels to the floor, bath or shower tray forming a neat bead. Smears or excess of BB Complete must be promptly cleaned away using white spirit.

Installing Nuance Tongue and Groove Panels 

1. Measure, mark and cut the panel to size.

2. Remove the male tongue with a circular saw or sharp knife, leaving the female groove edge intact as necessary.

3. To secure the panel whilst the adhesive cures drill 5 no Ø4.5mm holes along the female grooved edge 60mm in from ends and spaced evenly approx. 450mm apart, countersink to suit No 6 CSK screws. 

4. To ensure alignment test fit the panel then remove to clean the back face using a clean damp cloth and allow to dry.

5. Apply beads of BB Complete adhesive as shown below.

6. Lift the panel in place, pressing the back of the panel firmly all over and fix using 25mm x No6 CSK Stainless self-tapping screws.

7. Repeat the process for further connecting panels, applying BB Complete to each tongue and groove joint.

 Adhesive on TandG joints

8. Do not tap the groove edge of the panel to close the joint. Use the mirror suction lifters to slide the panel up and down whilst pushing sideways to evenly squeeze out BB Complete adhesive, safely closing the gap.

9. Immediately after assembling each joint, use white spirit and clean off excess BB Complete adhesive.


Bath Panels From BB Nuance

With a totally waterproof core bath panels are easy to fabricate on site.

For single one side baths use the 580mm feature panel. The postformed finish along both edges allows the creation of plinth details.

Front and end panel combinations can be cut from one 1200mm postformed panel utilising the postformed edge to overlap the side panel for a neat postformed detail at the corner, remembering that linear decors will see a change of direction at the intersection.

BB nuance using postformed edge  

Optional Bushboard Extrusions

With its unique polyurethane core Nuance needs no extrusions, so their use is optional. However in certain configurations they may ease the installation process so a full range is available in three colourways.

BB Nuance optional extrusions

1. Two part aluminium external corner section. See fig C1.

2. Single part plastic shower tray base section. See fig C2.

3. Two part aluminium internal corner section. See fig C3.

4. Two part aluminium Jointing section. See fig C4.

5. Single part aluminium ‘J’ section. See fig C5.


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      We are so happy that we could be of assistance and that the end result was one you could be proud of. If you ever need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. All the Best, BBK Direct Team

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