New Mirostone Solid Surface Worktops

New Mirostone Solid Surface Worktops

Mirostone solid surface worktops - Solid surfaces have truly taken the UK’s kitchen worktop and bathroom market by storm over the past few years, with many new brands and products hitting the market. From kitchen and bathroom work-surfaces and even solid surface bathroom cladding, this hybrid of a material has found its place in the building and the renovation industry of the UK.

If you want to know the difference between a composite and a solid surface worktop view the following BBK Direct article 

Okay, so we actually created this article to introduce the New Mirostone solid surface kitchen worktops range, and to tell you the truth it is a privilege for us at BBK Direct to include this range into our already award winning Solid Surface worktop collection. We believe that it ticks all the correct boxes in terms of quality, pricing, colour selection, off the shelf availability, ease of installation and much more.


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Highlights of This Material


Like Granite & Quartz, just Better

Mirostone surfaces have the durability and feel of natural stone with a much higher versatility and practicality, combined with ability to achieve desired affects and looks with far less effort than before. Besides mimicking the look of natural stone worktops, it is also cool to the touch - just like granite and quartz - but the installation is possible with only standard wood working tools.

Mirostone Installation


Hygienic and Seamless

For the busy home, and with emphasis on ease of maintenance and hygiene, you cannot go wrong with this product. It is a non-porous surface and has no mdf sub-frame, only solid surface material through the worktops thickness. All these properties make it 100% hygienic (Does not promote the growth of germs or mould), 100% Waterproof and Stain resistant. Some other attributes are being impact and heat resistant and making it possible to achieve seamless joints, resulting in a modern and uninterrupted kitchen style. With it being 100% Waterproof it is now perfect for undermounted sinks, bathrooms and wet-room areas, not even hot steam from a dishwasher can affect this material.

Mirostone hygiene


A Colour for Everyone

Mirostone colours - all 16 of them- have been carefully selected, not only to satisfy the local UK trends and demands but to be competitive and an innovative a leader when going head to head with their competition. To be honest, Mirostone is an authentic alternative to Minerva solid surface worktops, Mistral by Karonia and has matching colours for each - including the ever-popular Carrara White. Also, the colour is consistent through the entire thickness so do not be scared to play with curves and designs as finishing off a project perfectly has never been this easy.

 View All Mirostone Colours and pricing here


Available sizes

The 630mm wide Worktops are perfect for most standard base units, allowing for a more traditional overhang or can be cut down for a more flush and modern looking effect. Breakfast bars, being 960mm wide, allows for ample overhang for a breakfast area and wide enough to make a statement as an island unit. However, if a wider island unit is required, the surfaces can be seamlessly joined. Please remember that we do not suggest doing this with veined colours (San Marco) as it might ruin the effect and not look uniform in design.

Worksurfaces 3000 x 630 x 20mm, Breakfast Bars 2000 x 960 x 20mm, Splashbacks 3000 x 760 x 12mm, Upstands 3000 x 100 x 12mm are all the “Off the shelf” sizes available in all colours.


Pure Acrylic Sinks and Bowls

One thing to consider when installing a solid-surface worktop, is acrylic sinks. There are many benefits such as being 100% hygienic and having the ability to be seamlessly integrated with your work surface with no overhanging lips or grooves. Therefore, make sure to carefully consider all options of Solid surface worktops. And don’t forget, because it is solid drainer grooves can now be added I any shape and at any gradient.

Mirostone acrylic sinks


Achieve a high gloss finish

Hue and texture are only two ways that this product mimics natural materials such as granite and quartz. This surface can also be polished to a high gloss shine, although we only suggest doing this in areas that do not have high traffic as this finish takes more care and maintenance.

Polish to a high gloss


Confidence Assured Warranty 

All Mirostone products carry a 10 Year manufacturer’s warranty that truly show the confidence that they have in their product, which should reassure you as the end user of their long-term commitment to product excellence. Remember to add your care and maintenance kit as this will ensure endless years to enjoy your worksurface in its full capacity. 


Here, at BBK Direct, we truly believe that this product is not only going to feel at home amongst all the other top UK Solid Surface brands we supply, but also contribute positively in many other areas of the solid surface market. If you require any further information or need assistance determining what is needed for your kitchen or bathroom, please do remember one of our friendly staff are always ready and more than willing to assist you.

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