Kitchens of the Future: 8 Modern Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchens of the Future: 8 Modern Kitchen Design Trends

Are you thinking about remodelling your kitchen?

Many people think about the same thing, too. They tend to remodel their kitchens to open up walls to let more natural light in, improve their home's value to be able to make more profit off of it, or because they became inspired by something they saw on T.V.

Whatever your reason, if you're like 43% of homeowners who can't stand their old kitchens, why not pull the trigger and build your kitchen from the ground up?

Can't think of any good modern kitchen designs for your home? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Take a look at these 8 modern kitchen ideas and you may find one of them to your liking.

1. Minimalistic Designs

If you want to keep it plain and simple, you should consider remodelling your kitchen with minimalist tones in mind. Minimalism focuses on reducing your colour palette to as small as 2 colours, one lighter than the other. Doing this enhances the focus on the darker features, giving them a more intense shade.

You can also consider using only 1 colour for your kitchen. While the idea may be bare at first, adding the usual minimalist touches like plants may change your mind about it. That said, if you're planning on using 1 colour for your kitchen, make sure it's a light and gentle one like white.

2. Go with Grey

Grey is now a trending colour for interior design. Adding different shades of grey to your kitchen will make lighter colours stand out.

It is also the perfect colour to manipulate the ambience. Depending on its shade, grey can either give your kitchen a cooler atmosphere or provide you with a calming one.

Because it's such a neutral colour, grey is also the best choice for your kitchen's backdrop. It blends well with the usual colours of kitchen furnishings like cabinets and drawers, along with kitchen appliances like refrigerators and kitchen microwaves.

Also, the colour makes it easy to mix traditional and modern kitchen design, too. Traditional kitchen designs made use of grey a lot as well. This makes bringing the old into the new both possible and easy.

3. Wooden Kitchen Workshop

If you're wondering if there is a way to make a modernized kitchen look rustic, wood is the way to do it.

The wooden aesthetic is one that many people are into right now. Most prefer to have their furnishing to have a paint job that resembles wood. This allows them to make use of the aesthetic without needing to maintain it.

However, true naturalists fashion most of their furnishings out of raw wood. Although harder to maintain, wooden fixtures give off a calming aura that only the outdoors can provide.

Wooden kitchen islands are a great way to showcase rusticity from the centre of your kitchen. And speaking of kitchen islands.

4. Unorthodox Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are pretty much a staple for every kitchen nowadays. They're what most people consider to be the centre of attraction of any kitchen. So, you're going to want to show your kitchen island off.

How can you do that? Simple, you only need to choose an island that's made from the most unorthodox materials.

The traditional kitchen islands tend to follow a simple design. A small cabinet made from wood or other materials with a smoothed top. With that in mind, finding an unorthodox one can be easy.

Many modernized kitchens have islands that break off from their usual design. For example, one that has an open bottom and is only connected to the ground at one point.

You can also extend your island to serve as a table to eat on. Doing this saves you space from buying a dining table. This makes it an ideal choice if you live alone or have a family with 3 members or less.

5. Contrasting Kitchen Fixtures

The idea of your kitchen island contrasting the colour of your kitchen is an outdated trend. However, this doesn't mean you can improve upon it. Many people find that contrasting the island along with the other furnishings like cabinets and drawers to have an appealing visual style.

Doing this makes your kitchen seem larger than it is. A dark, contrasting colour for the drawers and cabinets on both the island and the counters give the illusion that your lighter-toned countertops are further away from each other. A trick like this works best for small kitchens.

Also, this gives your kitchen a sleek, cooler design. Something that a lot of kitchens these days adapt.

6. Hidden Furnishings and Appliances

When you decide to upgrade your kitchen, it's a good idea to give your kitchen a uniform look.

Integrating your general design to that of the drawers' and cabinets' makes it so it looks like they're hidden. This is not a new trend whatsoever; a lot of people already do this. However, they complain that their appliances break the illusion.

So, why not also include the appliances when panelling your kitchen? Appliance panels are also not a new thing, but few people use them to disguise their appliances. You can use them to provide a seamless transition for your pattern from drawers to your oven window door.

7. Integrated Appliances

A lot of people like having a lot of room to move around in the kitchen. You can also see a lot of these kitchens on T.V. shows and movies. Have you ever wondered where they kept their fridge or dishwasher?

The answer may have been right in front of your eyes. They were likely integrated with the kitchen furniture. Integrating your appliances allows you to have the biggest appliances and not worry about the space.

Doing this, in essence, makes your appliances part of your furniture or the walls. This allows you to have a more condensed and functional kitchen.

8. Pull Out Storage

Tired of walking from the kitchen to the pantry and back? Building storage cabinets that pull out from the walls can be the answer you're looking for!

Having these pull-out storage drawers reduce the space you need for storage. Doing this also gives you the chance to renovate your pantry into a different room.

Use these Modern Kitchen Trends to Bring Your Kitchen from Then to Now

Make your kitchen up to date with the help of these modern kitchen trends! A stylish kitchen won't design itself, so get started on yours now!

Contact us here if you need any help designing your kitchen.

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