How to Choose the Best Microwave for Your Kitchen

How to Choose the Best Microwave for Your Kitchen

Percy Spencer invented the microwave in 1945 during World War Two. He was working on microwave radar transmitters and notices that the radar he was using melted the candy bar in his pocket.

After some finagling, Spencer managed to use microwaves to heat food and created the first ever microwave. What did he cook first? Popcorn, of course!

Today's microwave has come a long way since this lucky invention. But not all of those features are completely necessary.

Keep reading to learn how to select the best microwave for your needs.

Set a Budget

Your microwave should not be a painful, budget-busting investment. Most of them stay under the one thousand pound mark. But make sure you set a budget before you go shopping.

There are many different features and styles available. You don't want to have someone pressure you into buying something way more expensive than what you need.

Countertop vs. Over-the-Range

Countertop microwaves are the least expensive kind to install and they are also the most flexible to move around. But be aware, they take up more space on your counter than you may realize.

Over-the-range microwaves are great if your home is set up for one already. Otherwise, you will have to consider things like how your stove will vent and whether it will get in the way when you are cooking.

Considering Built-In and Drawer Microwaves

If you want the microwave off the counter, but aren't ready to commit to the kitchen upgrades necessary to install a microwave over your stove, then you may want to consider a built-in or drawer-sized microwave.

If you can create a space in your cabinetry or drawers that will fit a microwave, then you will be able to conceal it when guests come over. Your kitchen will look neat and tidy.

Choosing the Best Microwave Size

Most people will choose the largest microwave a store has that will fit in the area selected. This will give you the most options when you are cooking in the future.

If you want to be able to do more than make a bag of popcorn or reheat a bowl of chili, then you will need a microwave that is at least one cubic foot on the inside. This size will allow you to cook a small roast.

Choosing the Wattage

The higher the wattage of your microwave, the faster it will cook things.

Most microwaves have 1,000 watts, but many of these models will allow you to adjust that wattage to high, medium, or low based on what you are cooking.

Decide What Features you Can't Live Without

Today, there are microwaves that can do just about anything if you spend enough money. But to find a microwave that is in your price range, you may have to sacrifice some of the more elaborate features.

Consider the following features and how important they are to you before you make your purchase.

Auto Features

With auto features like auto-reheat, auto-defrost, and auto-cook, you can take the guesswork out of your microwaving process. Simply select this button and factory preset cooking methods will be used to ensure your item is perfectly heated.

In addition, you can purchase a microwave that has sensors in it that can tell how hot something is and adjust itself accordingly. These kinds of microwaves are great for making things like beverages and popcorn that can easily get overheated.

Power Levels

Most microwaves are equipt with a variety of different power levels.

This high, medium, and low options make it easier to cook frozen foods that would otherwise heat unevenly.

Turntable Options

A long time ago, turntables became a staple expectation for a microwave. They make a big difference in your food's ability to heat evenly.

But sometimes, when you are cooking large items like a tray of bacon, you don't want your turntable to rotate. In that case, it's nice to have an option to turn off the turntable.

Removable Racks

Racks are also a standard microwave feature, and most of them are removable.

Try to select a microwave that has multiple options for how high you can place the rack. That way, if you ever need to microwave more than one thing at a time you can adjust the height accordingly.

Quick Options

When it's late at night or you're in a hurry, setting the amount of time something should cook for on your microwave can feel like it's taking forever. That's why many people prefer to purchase microwaves that have quick-set options.

We already talked about the factory preset auto options, but quick options like "Add a Minute" and "Add 30 Seconds" are a great way to get you food cooking quickly.

Keep Warm Feature

Similarly to ovens, some microwaves are equipt with a keep warm feature. This option is good for when you need to keep a dish hot until it's time to serve it.

Child Lock

While microwaves are generally safe for children to use after learning some important safety rules, some children abuse the privilege.

If you have a child who is microwaving things they shouldn't be, then be sure you seek out an option with a child lock. You're not the first parent to have to deal with this problem.

Advanced Clock Features

While a basic clock is a standard microwave feature, there are some microwaves that also have a timer and alarm features. The alarm especially is good if you know what time you need to start cooking something.

Where to Buy

Now you know how to select the best microwave for your needs and you're ready to make a purchase.

Today is a great day for savings. Check out our listings of microwaves today. We offer a variety of brands at a variety of prices.

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