Latest Manufacturers News - Prima vs Options

Latest Manufacturers News - Prima vs Options

American conglomerate Wilsonart has bought-over British Company Bushboard Limited. Now being called Bushboard – A Wilsonart Company.

The take-over has affected the Prima laminate range quite significantly. Prima laminate worktops will no longer be manufactured by Bushboard laminates, the range has been removed from their production line and will now be produced by company Formica Limited.

The good news is that Prima and all the beautiful colours will still be available for purchase with very minor changes to the range or interruptions to the supply of the product.

The new and improved Bushboard (A Wilsonart Company) will be launching a new range called Options in April 2017. The colours in the Options range are very similar to the Prima range with a few added colours to promote the new launch.

So what's new in terms of colours:

Some newly designed high definition colours will include Pescara and Pitch Pine, please see images below.


The new Options range of laminate worktop colours seem to be very concentrated on look-a-like marble and wood effect designs.

A wide colour selection of wood species, plank layout and true to the form Q3 (3mm radius) edge profiles will be available.


As a matter of interest the Options range will include two new marble design colours that are very similar to the sought-after Prima Calacatta Marble colour, viewed in comparison below. The same comparison can be made between Prima Black Granite and Options Nero Granite colours and a few of the decorative plain coloured splashbacks.


It is clear that each range will still fulfil the demand for both quality and inspiration.

Both companies, Formica Ltd and Wilsonart Ltd, are well-known for their contribution towards the development of the worktop industry not only within the UK but worldwide. State of the art high definition printing and exceptional value for money is evident in the produced products.

The Formica Group is a respected global manufacturer in the worktop trade, their commitment to innovation is apparent in the beautiful Axiom laminate worktop range.

Although the former Bushboard Prima range was constructed by a different company the actual laminate sheeting cover has always been manufactured by Formica, so it would make sense for the company to completely take ownership of the range.

Wilsonart was first known as Ralph Wilson Plastics Ltd. An American company that made a promise to deliver “laminate anywhere in the United States in 10 days or less” and has since become one of the largest fabricators operating in over 100 countries.

Although the new Options range is only one of many Wilsonart products (Zenith, Earthstone and classic Wilsonart laminate), we can always be assured of their quality workmanship and attention to detail in this ever-changing market.

With so many available colours, textures and manufacturers it can be daunting to select a new worktop. We hope that this article will help you make an informed decision when choosing a laminate worktop colour or design for your kitchen.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information, friendly service or other helpful advice.

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