Kitchen Islands - Extra Space, Appeal and Value

Kitchen Islands - Extra Space, Appeal and Value

Kitchen Islands

The kitchen is not only the heart of a home, but in many cases also its ambassador, for its many capabilities to different styles are endless and with people spending more and more time at home, there are more reasons than one as to start counting the benefits and perks of an island unit.

Although there are many, we follow the four main elements to an Island unit: Space, Appeal, Value and Extra.


1. Space

With a kitchen island unit, no matter the shape or size, you can custom design it to fit additional cupboards and shelves. Consider a hanging utensils rack or coffee mug holders on the inside or side of the island and you will have additional space for other essential appliances. A kitchen island also acts as a room divider and an additional workstation that can serve to be valuable when doing a zoom meeting or looking after kids while cooking. Islands allow for extra storage space for outlets and appliances, and in smaller kitchens, a portable unit will do the trick if more than one enthusiastic chef in the home. Sure, you can have a small island of a meter by a meter, but if your kitchen is simply too small, we suggest utilizing kitchen space with either higher placed shelving, under-counter space or added cupboards. Another practical solution to create more space in a tiny kitchen is to hang hooks for cups and organize clutter into baskets, but that makes for a whole new list of ideas.


2. Appeal

The most popular candidate in enhancing the appearance of your kitchen, serving as not only a centre piece, but an overall kitchen representative, as its easy for an island unit to transform the overall look of a kitchen. The actual height of the island should be considered when upgrading or installing, for its both common and advisable practice to make the Island surface higher than that of the counters, for another great advantage in this increase of height is that it also helps to conceal any clutter or dirty dishes. There is no fixed rule governing the design or size of kitchen island units, meaning you can customise your island to fit your own style. You can even install a custom colour to suit that of your cupboards, adding to the kitchen’s overall visual appeal.


3. Value

An island unit can serve as an informal table setting, that can save you the money and additional space of a dining area and even aid in family bonding time as food can be served right after it’s been cooked or prepared. Apart from also adding actual value to one’s home through additional storage space, a kitchen island will disperse the emptiness that comes with if you ever decide to sell or lease and you can completely get away with ‘revamping’ your whole kitchen by simply adding a customized island unit, as it dominates the visual demand in an almost cheating way. You can also take advantage of your island’s eye-catching nature and designing elements to accentuate your own personality, by displaying a favourite cookbook or creating an art exhibit of your children’s drawings, however the possibilities are endless.


4. Extra Everything

A Kitchen Island unit adds many extra features to your kitchen. The latest trend is to add appliances or features to the island itself. An extra sink or a bar fridge will work well without taking extra space from the kitchen and due to an island’s practicality and convenience, you can add plumbing, electricity or gas, for adding these outlets will allow you to operate both small and big appliances on your island such as a dishwasher or oven, installed in the space beneath the island countertop. Another helpful addition is to include a chopping block, knife sharpener and slicer, add some open counter space and you will have a perfectly fine prep station.


However which way you look at it, the kitchen has become a valued social gathering place in a home and an Island as a centrepiece, serves as a designator of space and high traffic areas in the kitchen. The conclusion therefore is that there are countless possibilities that a kitchen island unit can offer, so don’t wait any longer and get your island unit countertop order placed today!

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