Highest Quality Lowest Priced Laminate Worktop Yet - Wilsonart Best Sellers 2021

Highest Quality Lowest Priced Laminate Worktop Yet - Wilsonart Best Sellers 2021

Surely when looking at countertop material, laminate is a really great way to go, for its designed to be the more cost-effective choice and is even more durable than the natural stone, wood, and other daily elements it usually represents. Laminates that come in a wide range of colours and patterns and even though widely marketed for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and bar counters, they can serve an even wider spectrum of surface uses, due to the design in durability and the remarkable style that the different hues offer. Known as the highest quality yet lowest priced laminate kitchen worktop around and driven by a mission to create authentic, true to natural stone finishes as well as hues that resemble the very essence of nature and life as we know it, we are proud to announce the Wilsonart Online Only Laminate Range, exclusively available to BBK Direct UK.


With a rich history in innovative designs and client service that is of a spectacular level, Wilsonart has proven itself a true familiar and trusted household name, creating surfaces people love for more than 65 years. What started off as a relatively small company founded by the laminate industry pioneer, Ralph Wilson in the mid-fifties in Texas, Wilsonart has grown and developed, being now also known as the UK’s leading manufacturer of decorative surfaces and laminate worktops.


Shifting the traditional buying paradigm by offering affordable and factory-direct laminates Online and exclusive to BBK Direct UK, the commitment to quality is evident, invoking a clean and aesthetic worksurface, while added costs of outsourced production, standing salespeople and costly showrooms are fiercely resisted, offering affordable, yet top-of-the-line Laminates. From sprucing up your kitchen to keeping up with the latest trends in remodelling, what would seem expensive and overwhelming can now be achieved with affordable patterns and designs that embrace the everchanging tastes and styles of todays valued consumer to its fullest. Below are some trendy hues to assist you with pursuing a complete kitchen revamp or home makeover, but for a fraction of the usual cost.


Now exclusive to BBK Direct UK and locally manufactured - Trendy Laminate Hues of 2021. To view all Wilsonart Laminateshttps://www.bbk-direct.uk.com/manufacturer/wilsonart/  

Brasilia Quartz https://www.bbk-direct.uk.com/laminate-worktops/wilsonart-brasilia.html


The different shades of grey that this laminate offers are neutral and can easily be paired with almost any colour, depending on the required theme. The scattered sparkle with fine, intermeddling dark streaks combines perfectly well with the misty grey background to resemble an amalgamation of a snowy sky in the break of dusk. The greyish sparkle goes well with warm, amber cabinetry and pairing this glossy hue with similar shades of light grey will allow for a sophisticated and elegant look, making it an appreciated choice for all living areas. Pair with cool and refreshing backgrounds of light blue, beige or pure white and you will be able to incorporate its calming effect in the kitchen or bathroom.


Woodstone Grey https://www.bbk-direct.uk.com/laminate-worktops/wilsonart-woodstone-grey.html


The natural wood element in this laminate worktop is enhanced by greyish stonelike hues, making it a perfect combination of both a stone and wooden look. A safe, yet significant bet is to pair this with raw material colours like rusty brown, lighter shades of blue and darker grey with a faded green as a background. The contrast will stimulate relaxation and aid in a feeling of warmth, so will work well in both home and office areas, especially where you want neutral colours to roam.


Mississippi Pine https://www.bbk-direct.uk.com/laminate-worktops/wilsonart-mississippi-pine-38mm-square-edge.html


Needing no explanation, this laminate portrays all the visual makings of real pine, even resembling the reddish-brown knots of branches on a straight-grained yellowish background. This laminate hue creates a pleasing contrast in a rustic theme, as this colour is as natural as can be, and a safe bet to also be paired with other colours found in nature. Unlike its natural counterpart, you don’t have to avoid using it for high traffic areas and the wooden look creates a feel of spacious living, resembling a farmhouse with all the wooden qualities, but the actual smell.


Strass Blanc https://www.bbk-direct.uk.com/laminate-worktops/wilsonart-strass-blanc.html


Scattered silvery sparkling shards that reflects light to an array of colours on a milky white backdrop makes this a favourite in Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Kitchens alike. With so many different themes that can be created with this hue as a dominating centrepiece, the décor choices are made simple, as its not only a Houdini in hiding any spillages, but perfect to be paired with both warm and cool hues. In other parts of the home or office, the white background will go well with solid darker colours like matt black, dark grey or auburn brown and the scattered sparkle will assist with a more ardent, yet elegant theme.


Edgy Wood https://www.bbk-direct.uk.com/laminate-worktops/wilsonart-edgy-wood.html


With a reminisce of nature-inspired tones combined with modern textures, the timber elements evoke calm environments with the immense depth that this ashy oak hue carries. The tile-type formation speaks the opposite of an overall veiny flow and demands stability when paired with other warm colours. Bring out its neutral elements with a cream white or pearly light pink hue as background, dark brown cabinetry and silver cabinet fixtures and you will be left with a stylish and modern look and an easy maintainable home décor trend.