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Kitchen Worktops

Welcome to an amazing array of kitchen worktops in all possible materials and from some of the UK's most regarded manufacturers. BBK Direct is happy to help you enhance the functionality and visual quotient of your kitchen. We have undoubtedly put together the largest selection of surfaces in the UK and it is supplied at the lowest prices to the UK public and trade alike.   

What are the material choices available?


Laminates are by far the most cost-effective as well as both heat and scratch-resistant. They can be installed by anyone (no special tools are needed) and 100% hygienic – they are non-porous and easy to maintain. They also come in the widest variety of colours/finishes, mimicking nature in colour and texture.

Solid surface

Solid surfaces are extremely durable and come in a close second to quartz and granite in terms of durability. They can be easily installed in your kitchen as no specialist tools are required and you can achieve seamless joints. Stain, impact and heat resistant with a renewable surface are just some of its main attributes. They are what the name implies, solid, no sub-frame or chipboard.


Composite worktops have a high degree of impact resistance, and the joints are seamless. The continuous lines gives your kitchen an elegantly modern style. They can be installed by anyone as no special tools are required. 


Wood is a timeless classic, and the preferred choice of many for their kitchen surface. However, a single slab of wood cannot be used, as this is structurally unsound and leads to imperfections cropping up during its usage, such as warping or cracking. To overcome this, multiple pieces of wood are finger jointed together, ensuring a natural surface that will stand the test of a busy home. All our Timber worktops are FSC approved, therefore you can be sure that you are making the correct choice for the environment as well. 


Corian is a DuPont brand and also falls under the composite worktop category. Corian stands by their quality with an impressive 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. This product is available as a Templated and Fitted product and all our Corian installations are done by the UK’s top Dupont quality approved and trained fitters. Remember: only Corian installed by Dupont trained fitters will hold the 25 years manufacturer’s warranty.


Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth and an all-time favourite when it comes to kitchen surfaces. It is 100% natural and environmentally-friendly. It also comes with a polished gloss surface and is heat and scratch-resistant. Its impact resistance is second to none. Also available for Template and Fitting.


Quartz worktops are just as good as granite and it’s amazing hardwearing attributes, although it has an added advantage of being available in a much larger array of colours to suit any design style. Quartz worktops consist of between 93% and 96% quartz, and the rest is a blend of polymer resin and colour pigments that help bond the quartz particles together uniformly. This product is also available for Template and Fitting through our quality approved fitting teams.

It is quite a challenge choosing a surface for your units and sometimes really difficult as there are so many manufacturers claiming that their product is the one to choose and quite a few suppliers pushing what is most profitable for them - not always what is best for the customer.

Always start by asking yourself these couple of questions besides the obvious one – What’s my Budget?

Does my surface have to be extremely hard wearing or is it more for the aesthetic appeal? Is my kitchen busy or simple?

Do I want a Traditional style, Modern style or a mix of both?

What type of sink do I want; under-mounted, Over-mounted or Belfast?

Do I always have the time or energy to clean the kitchen?


The questions might sound very simple, but after asking yourself look at your selected surfaces attributes. The logical choice will always stick out, all that will be left is selecting a colour. 

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