Compact Laminate

Compact Laminate

It has become apparent over the last few years that laminate worktops needed to change. Standard laminate worktops have too many limitations, such as no undermounted sinks can be fitted, curved corners cannot be achieved, edge profiles don’t match, and drainer grooves is a definitely no.

The home improvement industry is constantly evolving and has caught up with todays’ available technology by producing a new kind of laminate called, Compact Laminates.

This kind of surface has wide-ranging applications throughout the kitchen and the wider living space in addition to being used as a worksurface – especially in comparison with traditional laminate worktops.

A Compact Laminate surface is solid, strong, hard wearing, self-supporting material which can be used in furniture or decorative applications with a colour or woodgrain face. An innovative worksurface with a solid coloured core, that allows for a striking, cutting-edge design statement.

Compact laminates are known for the superior mechanical properties to impact and wear resistance.

Being a slimline surface, it can be used for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. An excellent worktop for high traffic areas and high moisture and humidity environments.

The original compact laminate is manufactured by Wilsonart, called Zenith. This range was initially only available with an extra-black core.

Other manufacturers such as Apollo Compact, Bushboard Evolve and Getalit Compact have also launched their own competitive range of compact laminate surfaces.

Most new compact laminate ranges have colour-coded cores, white, cream, light grey, dark grey and black.

A matched core colour means perfectly contrasting drainer grooves and machine-cut edges for undermount sinks. Yes, that is correct, you can now have undermounted sinks, drainers, and curved corners when installing a compact laminate.

When it comes to installing sinks with solid core worktops there are no limitations due to its 100% waterproof properties, so both inset and under mount sink types can be used.

All hob types including ceramic, gas and induction are compatible with Compact laminate worktops, however there are some specific fitting requirements to make sure the hob is fitted correctly depending on the hob depth. Each order is supplied with a full installation guide for the material.

The solid core also allows for curved radius corners to be created onsite; no specialised tooling is required for installation.

Compact laminates are double-sided, perfect for shelving finished top and bottom, an over-all aesthetic appearance adding to the finishing touches of your new kitchen.

With this complete design flexibility and the 100% waterproof surface is perfect for any kitchen or bathroom design. With a multitude of realistic styles and sensual surface textures to pick from, this completely solid worktop material will enhance your living space. Compacts can be used for open shelving and is also a popular option to fit with modern open-plan designs, make use of any offcuts for this kind of detail and achieve an overall colour co-ordinated look. The slimline material can also be used as cabinet cladding, plinths or end panels.

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