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Laminate Worktops

We are proud to say that we have one of the widest selections of laminate worktops in the UK and all the brands supplied are proudly manufactured locally which we believe insures the quality of the products supplied.

What is a laminate worktop?

Well this product is basically a image printed on a laminate sheeting which is then adhered to a mdf sub frame which is generally a high density chip board also the high image resolution and different surface textures is able to mimic natural products such as wood and stone in visual affect and feel so it will give you the same effect as the real thing at a fraction of the cost.

What are the positive and negative attributes of laminate worktops?

Positive Attributes:

  • Cost affective.
  • Hardwearing, scratch and heat resistant, though always remember to use worktop protectors.
  • Wide colour and texture selection, mimics natural products or allows for more contemporary designs.
  • Can be installed as DIY project or by any installer as no specialist tools are required.
  • Non-porous and 100% Hygienic which makes for easy maintenance

Negative Attributes:

  • High gloss and dark colours show up scratches more readily than other materials
  • Joints are more visible, but you can now get colour matched adhesives to help soften the joints visibility.
  • Cannot install under mounted sinks due to chip board sub frame.
  • Non-renewable surface if damaged worktops will have to be replaced.

Below are all our colour laminates available from the top manufacturers. With over 300 available designs we are sure you will be spoiled for choice. Simply use the provided product filter to make your search easier and when you have found your perfect colour, view the product to discover sizes available, pricing and additional info.

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