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White Laminate Worktops

Crisp, clean, pure, radiant are all terms used when referring to White Worktops.

When choosing a worktop for your kitchen it is important to choose a colour you absolutely love; solid or pure white worktops have always been a popular choice, due to its clean and bright appearance. Sparkling white laminate worktops that mimic real quartz have also become ever so popular over the last couple of years, as the sparkle just adds something special to the plain white.

High gloss laminates can show surface scratching more readily which is why most manufacturers fabricate white laminate surfaces with a matt finish. However lighter colours show less scratches, so if your heart is set on a high gloss then white is the best choice.

So what would we suggest as a colour combination to go with your white laminate worktops?

Our laminate ranges include antique, heavily textured surfaces; the favoured sparkling and of course the old time sought-after plain white colours.

White worktops work well with Oak doors and cabinets and most recently a grey combination has become a desired design. White marble look-a-like laminate worktop colours with a grey vein will complement a dark grey door colour very well.

A white on white artist’s impression can leave your kitchen looking like one out of a magazine with fresh lines and plenty of light; another option to consider.

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