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Black Laminate Worktops


A mass number of laminate worktops can be classified as black. Whether it is a slate, marble, gloss, sparkle or a simple pebble effect; the options are endless.

Darker colours however can show scratches more readily than lighter colours; adding a gloss element can make any surface abrasions even more visible.

When selecting a black worktop for your kitchen it is imperative to consider the maintenance involved. Some kitchens are high traffic areas; for example, families with children that may not be as careful when utilising the worktop surface. If your black laminate worktop is going to be installed in a high traffic area we would suggest going for a textured or non-high gloss finish as they are much more hardwearing.

However; the heart wants what the heart wants. If you’ve fallen in love with a high gloss black laminate colour, there is no going back. This is why our black laminate worktops are from the top UK manufacturers making sure that we only supply laminates that can stand up to the test of a busy kitchen.

Our Recommended Colour Combination for Black Laminate Worktops

Recommended door colours would be Oak, Light Wood, Light Grey or White. Having gloss white cabinets installed with a matt black worktop creates a beautiful contrast not only between colours but textures as well. Also Silver kitchen appliances do truly stand out with black worktops so give it a strong consideration but also experiment with Reds and Blue Appliances you might be pleasantly surprised!

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