Compact Worktops

Compact Worktops

What started off as a method of preservation, soon developed into a practical and durable surface material. Traces of lamination have been found in tombs of Pharaohs and in oriental history, wood have been found to be shaved and then glued together more than a thousand years ago. This process then further evolved to what we now know as compact laminates, consisting of thin layers of material bonded together to create a stronger and thicker material.

Material that has now become accustomed to rapidly modified and changing times, revolutionizing in its existence that is solely for our own comfort and ease of mind. Its capability of looking and feeling like real stone is only one attribute made modest by its high scratch and wear resistance, while fostering a sleek and contemporary look that is easy to maintain. Evolved into a true premium compact laminate with a solid-core composition of stacked decorative craft paper fibre that is saturated in melamine resin and then sandwiched between durable laminate to create an almost indestructible work surface material. It is this double-sided decorative finish, as well as the consistent colour all the way through, that enables you to cut it into any shape and simply refinish the cut edge to enjoy the coloured core. This makes for an easy installation and a compact laminate worksurface that can withstand any household traffic. Initially with a black base, on-trend colours have now become an available choice. From stylish wood-resembling shades that deviates from the stone look, to cooler neutrals and other warm metallic tones, a tailored fit can be achieved in any space. Melamine resin is known as the hardest of all synthetically produced organic materials, enhancing the already high scratch and wear resistance traits of compact laminates, and rendering these worksurfaces highly resistant to impact and heat. Due to the evolved process of manufacturing compact laminates, its completely hygienic as well as waterproof, resistant to steam, stains, and chemical products, which initially made this surface material ideal for cabinet frames, shelving and even lavatory cubicles. It’s also these features that even allows for a sink to be undermounted, implementing an even smoother look and saving more surface space, making it an ideal surface material for any kitchen or bathroom.

This solid and aesthetic surface also makes for easy cleaning, keeping visual distractions to a minimum, making it household friendly and an attribute to any long-term home improvement investment.  As design are nowadays driven by open plan living, social space and innovative styles, this super slim profile combined with inclining finishes and its durable composition also makes it the ideal choice for a modern kitchen work surface, island unit or countertop.

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