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Composite Worktops

What is a Composite Worktop?

A composite material is comprised of polymer resin infused with colour pigments, and composite worktops are generally made with a 3mm – 12mm layer of composite material adhered to a mdf sub frame to give it an overall thickness of 38-54mm depending on specific manufacturer and brand.

Why should I choose composite for my worktop?

One of the main characteristics of this material that makes it so popular in the UK and abroad as a worktop surface is the fact that you can achieve seamless and inconspicuous joints which gives a kitchen that modern feel with continues unbroken lines, other attributes of composites are listed below.

  • Easy installation no specialist tools required, any installer that can install a laminate worktop will be able to install them.
  • With a slight rebate under mount and integrated sinks can be installed, so this type of sink is no longer just for granite and quartz.
  • High scratch, stain, heat and impact resistance.
  • Non-porous, 100% hygienic surface which makes for easy maintenance as it does not pramote or support the growth of any mould or bacteria.
  • It is a renewable surface. If any scratches or scuff marks are caused a simple sanding of the top will return it to its original condition. 

We have put together the largest quality selection of composite brands in the UK, so we are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for. Brows below our extensive collection of composite colours from trusted manufacturers and even use the filter function to make your search even easier. Once you have found your colour view the product to get sizes, pricing and additional info.

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