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Solid Surface

What is a True Solid Surface Worktop?

Solid Surface or composite worktops generally consist of a layer of acrylic material ranging from 3mm - 13mm adhered to a mdf sub frame which then makes up its overall thickness of 38mm or 40mm. We however believe a Solid Surface Worktop should be more, so we have put together a selection of acrylic based worktops that actually live up to the name of "Solid Surface Worktop" as they are only made out of acrylic and natural materials and are solid all the way through the worktop surface weather it is 25mm or 30mm thick (No MDF Subframe).

These worktops not only give you the durability of solid worktops such as granite and quartz but also have the flexibility in styling such as a composite worktop meaning that you can have seamless joints and integrated solid surface sinks for a more sleek and modern look in the kitchen.

The amazing stone/quartz like appearance is given by the percentage quartz particles present in these tops, generally between 4-7% (Manufacturer specific) and this even further adds to the hard wearing attributes of this meterial.

What Makes Solid Surface Worktops Special?

  • Solid throughout the materials thickness (no mdf sub frame).
  • Acrylic based making it heat, stain and scratch resistant as well as non-porous and 100% Hygenic for easy maintenance.
  • Easy installation no specialist tools required as with granite and quartz.
  • Seamless joints and integrated or under mounted sinks can easily be achieved.
  • Renewable surface.

We have put together the largest selection of trusted manufacturers of true solid surface worktops for you to choose from. Simply use the filter function to help you browse our selection, and view your preferred colour to get sizes, pricing and additional info. 

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