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Bathroom Worktops

All our bathroom worktops that we supply are specifically manufactured for bathrooms or that have 100% waterproof attributes which make them suited for a wet and damp environments.

Your next bathroom worktop can be trendy, durable and heat as well as stain resistant. Peruse the numerous options in bathroom worktops on this page. Get your free sample within a day or two, and have a qualified fitter transform the look and functionality of your bathroom (Granite, Quartz & Apollo Slab Tech). It's that easy when you shop for bathroom worktops at BBK Direct.

Four materials and countless designs to choose from!

Bathroom laminates

With a 15-year warranty, laminate offers excellent value for your money. Select from 21 designs, including textures resembling marble, travertine and granite. You also have a good choice in colours and stains to complement the existing look of your bathroom or to plan a complete design overhaul. All our laminate bathroom worktops are also 100% water proof!

Bathroom granite

The natural look and timeless appeal of granite has made it a popular choice of material in bathrooms and kitchens. The stunning granite worktops in our catalogue are available in a number of classic and current patterns. Make your granite worktop the centrepiece of your bathroom. Generally the price of granite worktops run higher than other materials, but  with us we have made it so much more affordable, by supply it to the Uk public at trade prices.

Bathroom quartz

At 95% natural quartz and 5% Polymer and colour pigments it makes for the a more environment-friendly worktop option. It also happens to be one of the components of granite, making it rugged and durable. Quartz bathroom worktops do not require routine maintenance; a quick wash with soap water will keep them looking as good as new. We have an exciting range of quartz worktops from dark to light colours, as well as some eye-catching bright blue and red sparkle colours. Whether you're going for a rustic, classic or contemporary look, we've got you covered!

Bathroom solid surface 

Solid surface worktops mimic the appearance of natural stone such as diamond, gemstone, quartz and pewter. We have a high-quality selection of solid surface worktops (Solid, No MDF 100% Waterproof) from the highest quality brands in the UK like Mistral, Minerva, M-Stone and Apollo Slab Tech that promise a durable finish and add a premium look to your bathroom. All our solid surface worktops contain between 7 and 15 % quartz particles that lends itself towards its durable nature.

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