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There are few pleasures in life more pure than a hot shower after a long hard day. And with our collection of shower enclosures, shower trays, shower heads and mixer valves, a good thing just got even better. The fittings we stock are all of the highest quality and are guaranteed to last by their manufacturers.

Ready to take your shower to the next level or need to finish of your new bathroom perfectly? Have a look at what we at BBK direct can do for you.

Shower enclosures 

These are great to have when the size of your bathroom is limited. Made of glass (meaning they can be easily installed and also washed down/cleaned), they protect shower water from gathering on to the bathroom floor and making it wet. All the water gets collected within the enclosure, from where it is promptly drained away.

We offer different sizes and shapes – there are also now ‘curved’ shower enclosures – and with different frames/door handles, so you can pick one to go with the overall theme of your bathroom. There are shower enclosures with doors that swing open as well as sliding doors.

Shower trays

A shower tray fits neatly into the base of your shower enclosure, so that all water falls on the tray, from where it gets drained out immediately; and does not spill out on to the bathroom floor from underneath the enclosure.

They come in a variety of shapes (there are now quadrant-shaped shower trays meant to be installed in corners and with curved enclosures) and designs, including where the drain outlet is not immediately visible and so appears to be ‘concealed’, so you can be sure that they do not stand out as odd, but add to the elegance of your bathroom.

Shower heads 

The conventional shower head has gone out of vogue. What we sell are ‘trendy’, so that the overall appearance of your bathroom is enhanced by them. Some are fixed, while others are ‘movable’ – to ensure maximum convenience. However, the look is important but functionality is paramount. We have a wide range of shower heads that not only add to your showering experience by ample water distribution but also delivers it efficiently.

Shower head and mixer packs

We also sell shower heads that come with visually matching shower mixer valves – this is how you can purchase a whole set instead of worrying about not finding a matching mixer for your shower head. Whether hot water, cold water or a mix of both, now you can truly enjoy your shower!

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