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Bathroom Taps

Taps always play a vital role in any bathroom, and have a huge influence on the overall aesthetic of the room. While style is certainly important, your fittings are one place where function should always trump form. Luckily with our line of attractive, high quality bathroom tap fixtures, you won't need compromise on either! We at BBK Direct have stocked up on a huge collection of reliable bathroom taps that suit every type of bathroom style, from classical to contemporary.


Choosing the right bathroom taps


The sheer amount of variety in tap designs can make it difficult to purchase one that is suitable. Given below is a simple guide to narrow down to the ones that best fit your requirements.


Find out the water pressure in your home:


Most taps are designed for a certain range of water pressure. Pillar taps and taps with two handles function well at low pressures, while single-lever mixers and wall mounted taps are best suited for higher water pressures. Choosing a high water pressure tap for a low pressure water system will result in slow water floor, and many extra minutes in filling up a bath.


Check the availability of tap holes:


Traditional bath basins come with two holes for separate hot and cold water supplies, while some may come with one or even three pre-drilled holes. Pillar taps use only one hole, mixer taps require two water supply holes while some tap designs require accommodation for two handles and one spout.


Maintain uniformity in design:


The taps you choose for your bath, basin and shower bath need to be similar in design so that a certain degree of uniformity is maintained in the room. At BBK Direct we have designs from brands like Abode and Bretton Park who make it a point to create functional and visually stunning bathroom taps.


A wide variety of bathroom taps only at BBK Direct


Browse through our collection of bath taps, basin taps and shower bath taps and take your pick! You can view the products that you find interesting to find out dimensions, pressure requirements, finish, price and other details. Or select from your preferred category or use the filter function to find exactly what you need.

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