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kitchens direct - You start your day in the kitchen by grabbing a cuppa, go back in the afternoon to prepare lunch and return for supper. It is possibly the most important room in your house not only because of its functional value but also as a place to gather and socialize. Naturally, you would want your kitchen ...

Kitchens Direct Nationwide UK 

kitchens direct - You start your day in the kitchen by grabbing a cuppa, go back in the afternoon to prepare lunch and return for supper. It is possibly the most important room in your house not only because of its functional value but also as a place to gather and socialize. Naturally, you would want your kitchen to support your day-to-day activities and basic needs. Here's where our extensive selection of kitchens Direct products can be extremely helpful.


Functional surfaces to appliances, we stock them all


At BBK Direct, you'll find an amazing range of kitchen products to outfit your kitchen exactly how you want it.


  • Laminate, granite, quartz, solid surface, wooden, composite and Corian® worktops at competitive prices and backed by solid customer support.

  • Undermount, Inset and Belfast sinks; kitchen taps; sink and tap packs; and sink accessories from reputed brands offering excellent warranties

  • An assortment of kitchen units, from nifty space-saving storage units to individual accessories and extras to satisfy minor and major kitchen needs

  • Cooker hoods in a range of standard and interesting designs from a number of brands

  • Freestanding appliances such as range cookers in classic and contemporary styles

  • Gas, electric and fan ovens and hobs across sizes and designs to suit the requirements of even the most demanding home chefs!

  • Refrigeration units, from undercounter fridges and side-by-side fridge/freezer, to built-under freezers, built-in units and wine coolers

  • Dishwashers in different sizes, from basic designs to those with LCD control and energy rating

  • Quality microwaves packed with features for various heating, grilling, baking and cooking needs

  • Washers and dryers to suit different budgets

  • Glass splashbacks in various solid colors and stains that lend a luxurious look to any kitchen


    Updating your tired kitchen


    There is no perfect answer to the question 'how often should I update my kitchen?'. If you want to keep up with style trends, you can consider making new additions every 5 years. Some people wait ten to twenty years before renovating their kitchen, because the space would have started looking tired and dull, or if they plan to put their house on the market.


    If you're at a stage where you're seriously looking to install a new kitchen countertop or if you've moved into a new flat and can't wait to start adding utility items such as a refrigerator, oven and washer-dryer, BBK Direct can help you create a fully-functional and welcoming kitchens.


    Quick tips on buying kitchen appliances


  • Choose the right brand, focusing on durability, warranty and customer reviews

  • Your choice of oven/stove should focus on your experience as a cook and how much cooking you actually plan to do. Electric stoves and cooktops are recommended for novice cooks while induction and gas stoves are more popular among seasoned cooks,

  • Consider factors like capacity, space, features, energy efficiency and controls to make a purchase you won't regret later.


    Shop today


Browse our collection today and have a free sample delivered to your home. We or the manufacturer's carrier handle deliveries, so you can rest assured that you're getting the actual product in perfect working condition.


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  • Kitchen Worktops
    Kitchen Worktops

    Welcome to an amazing array of kitchen worktops in all possible materials and from some of the UK's most regarded manufacturers. BBK Direct is happy to help you enhance the functionality and visual quotient of your kitchen. We have undoubtedly put together the largest selection of surfaces in the UK and it is supplied at the lowest prices to the UK public and trade alike.   

    What are the material choices available?


    Laminates are by far the most cost-effective as well as both heat and scratch-resistant. They can be installed by anyone (no special tools are needed) and 100% hygienic – they are non-porous and easy to maintain. They also come in the widest variety of colours/finishes, mimicking nature in colour and texture.

    Solid surface

    Solid surfaces are extremely durable and come in a close second to quartz and granite in terms of durability. They can be easily installed in your kitchen as no specialist tools are required and you can achieve seamless joints. Stain, impact and heat resistant with a renewable surface are just some of its main attributes. They are what the name implies, solid, no sub-frame or chipboard.


    Composite worktops have a high degree of impact resistance, and the joints are seamless. The continuous lines gives your kitchen an elegantly modern style. They can be installed by anyone as no special tools are required. 


    Wood is a timeless classic, and the preferred choice of many for their kitchen surface. However, a single slab of wood cannot be used, as this is structurally unsound and leads to imperfections cropping up during its usage, such as warping or cracking. To overcome this, multiple pieces of wood are finger jointed together, ensuring a natural surface that will stand the test of a busy home. All our Timber worktops are FSC approved, therefore you can be sure that you are making the correct choice for the environment as well. 


    Corian is a DuPont brand and also falls under the composite worktop category. Corian stands by their quality with an impressive 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. This product is available as a Templated and Fitted product and all our Corian installations are done by the UK’s top Dupont quality approved and trained fitters. Remember: only Corian installed by Dupont trained fitters will hold the 25 years manufacturer’s warranty.


    Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth and an all-time favourite when it comes to kitchen surfaces. It is 100% natural and environmentally-friendly. It also comes with a polished gloss surface and is heat and scratch-resistant. Its impact resistance is second to none. Also available for Template and Fitting.


    Quartz worktops are just as good as granite and it’s amazing hardwearing attributes, although it has an added advantage of being available in a much larger array of colours to suit any design style. Quartz worktops consist of between 93% and 96% quartz, and the rest is a blend of polymer resin and colour pigments that help bond the quartz particles together uniformly. This product is also available for Template and Fitting through our quality approved fitting teams.

    It is quite a challenge choosing a surface for your units and sometimes really difficult as there are so many manufacturers claiming that their product is the one to choose and quite a few suppliers pushing what is most profitable for them - not always what is best for the customer.

    Always start by asking yourself these couple of questions besides the obvious one – What’s my Budget?

    Does my surface have to be extremely hard wearing or is it more for the aesthetic appeal? Is my kitchen busy or simple?

    Do I want a Traditional style, Modern style or a mix of both?

    What type of sink do I want; under-mounted, Over-mounted or Belfast?

    Do I always have the time or energy to clean the kitchen?


    The questions might sound very simple, but after asking yourself look at your selected surfaces attributes. The logical choice will always stick out, all that will be left is selecting a colour. 

  • Glass Splashbacks
    Glass Splashbacks

    A glass splashback can add not only a complete rounded off look to your kitchen but help with the hygiene and maintenance in your kitchen as well, adding considerably to the befits of this investment. Trust us a trendy glass splashback will transform you kitchen and make you feel proud each time you enter your  kitchen.

    Glass splashbacks from BBK Direct

    If you're looking for trendy kitchen splashbacks made from glass, you've come to the right place. We sell glass splashbacks from leading manufacturers, and handle samples that are sent to you free of charge directly to your address. Our end-to-end services have made us the go-to destination for homeowners and businesses seeking exceptional kitchen design solutions at attractive prices.

    Some Key Attributes of our glass splashbacks and upstands:

    • High gloss, matt and sparkle nonporous surfaces available.

    • 100% hygienic and easy to maintain.

    • Easy installation.

    • Eco Friendly and cost affective.

    Well Selected choice of quality glass splashbacks

    The glass kitchen splashbacks on our site are available in high gloss, matte, sparkle and non-porous surfaces. They are 100% hygienic and extremely easy to maintain and install.

    Owing to their reflective surface, glass splashbacks reflect light in a way that tiles cannot. This is why they are especially recommended for kitchens oriented such that they receive insufficient light or those with a single window or small windows. This will supply additional natural lighting making your space not only more appealing, but more usable as well.

     Our glass splashbacks are manufactured by Esquire Glass, a leading independent processor of glass for the furniture/kitchen industry. All our supplied glass splashbacks are toughened in the manufacturing process to make them extremely heat-resistant and hardwearing.

    We have put together a carefully selected colour choice on current trends in the UK. You could choose from sparkling/shiny black to brilliant white, and some great shades in between. You can also consider adding custom LED lighting for a luxurious, high-end look and feel. Your glass splashback could easily be the centre of attraction in your kitchen.

    Below are the colours on offer, simply click on the view button of your preffered colour to view sizes available and additional info. *** Remember samples are free of charge, so get yours TODAY! Just another way we make it easier to make an informed decision.

  • Kitchen Sinks and Taps
    Kitchen Sinks and Taps

    Sinks and taps shouldn't be an afterthought when decorating a new kitchen or updating an old one. They must be chosen keeping in mind the available space, overall design of your kitchen and what worktop material you will be using.

    Consider the following factors when selecting your kitchen sinks

    • The kind of sink configuration, like single, 1.5 or double bowl as well as left or right hand drainer.
    • The material (stainless steel, ceramic, composite)
    • The installation method. Under-mounted, Inset or Belfast, remember worktop material can also affect this consideration.
    • Accessories (mixer taps, drainers, chopping boards, colanders, cabinets, and so on)

    BBK Direct UK puts a vast variety of kitchen sink products before you so you can explore various features against your needs and make the right choice.

    Inset Sinks

    Firstly For instance, you can look at inset or drop-in sinks that can be dropped right into a cut-out in the worktop. Some of them come with ‘free-drain’ area as part of the sink, which helps keep any runoff where it belongs, in the sink. This sink type is extremely popular with laminate and composite worktops that have an mdf sub frame and are not 100% waterproof.

    Under-Mounted Sinks

    The second and a very popular option is under-mounted sinks. This is exactly what the name implies, the sink is mounted to the underside of the worktop leaving the inner edge of the worktop sink cut-out visible. This is an option that can be considered when looking at solid and 100% waterproof worktop materials like Granite, Quartz and Solid Surface materials (No mdf sub frame) also if you would like drainer grooves these would have to be cut into the worktop surface, which is appealing but could add a little bit more onto your worktop cost.

    Belfast Sinks

    The third and a popular option when wanting to achieve a more classic look is a Belfast sink that tends to have front side of the sink exposed. The reasons for installing these sinks are mostly aesthetics but they are also extremely functional, especially in a large family environment –Belfast sinks are usually made of glazed porcelain and truly stand out in a kitchen. We would suggest using this sink type with solid materials the same as with with under-mounted sinks. Drainer groves can be routed into the worktops surface for greater practicality and visual affect.

    Our kitchen sinks are available at the best prices you will find online and they are all of the highest quality guaranteed.

    What to keep in mind when selecting a tap for your kitchen

    •          Hot water pressure
    •          Do you want the convenience of a pull-out spray?
    •          Single level or twin handle taps?
    •          Are you particular about installing a filtered water tap?

    The kitchen taps on our site are manufactured by well-known and trusted UK brands. You're assured of quality, reliability and value, as well as a great shopping experience!

    Below are all the our available categories for sinks and taps so view our amazing sink and tap offers today and do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

  • Kitchen Units
    Kitchen Units

    Kitchen Units. Probably the most tedious part of designing and styling your kitchen. But it does not have to be. Here at BBK Direct, we have a wide variety of colours, styles and sizes which are all neatly categorised to help you make the best possible choice according to your requirements.

    From base units to glass wall units, from angled corner units to appliance housing units. We have a unit for every plan and a solution to every query.

    Units are the basis of every kitchen, they are a plan for the future of your cooking space and most definitely set the trend for the rest of your home. They can potentially bring the atmosphere of sophistication, beauty and elegance to your door or perhaps the calm aura and fresh air of the country side or maybe the cool breeze and sandy shores of our gorgeous oceans are more your vibe. The possibilities are endless, therefore the perfect kitchen for you is not a myth and absolutely exists. We just need to find it.

    Kitchen Units can be tricky, but once you have a firm idea of what you need and what you want – they are full of potential and ideas just waiting to be unleashed.

    Each person would like a different design and would like to take a different approach to creating the most suitable room for their home specified to their unique taste. Have a look at our quick glance tips and ideas to get the ideas flowing below:


    Contemporary and Modern Design units:

    Modern design is everything in the present and the near future. It is trends, minimalistic, elegant and sophisticated but could also be hard edged, fierce and bold. The main feature of modern design is simplicity. This can be achieved by handless base units, a continuous flow of long bridging units and either a fair amount of glass or none – there can be no in between when it comes to Modern design. Avoid wood affect units, patterned and textured units and colours out of the black, white and grey section of the colour wheel. Contemporary is bold and fierce while being aesthetically pleasing and ‘just enough’ at the same time. It sounds complicated, but the only words you have to remember are ‘Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.’


    Rustic Design:

    This is the total and complete opposite of Modern design. With this sort of kitchen style, you want to stick with colours that you would find in wooded forest or the grassy plains of the country. Think oak, copper, brass and antique gold. Hues that hold character and bring an ageless beauty to your home. With regards to shape and size, bulk is the way to go. Classic round knobs for handles with panels carved into the wood of your units or a solid smooth face with cup handles. Should you wish to be bold in your design, your units can be done in a navy blue or a dark forest green with antique silver handles.


    Classic and Traditional Unit Design:

    Classic can often be mixed up with Modern as it too is seen as a simple design, the difference between the two are colours and where the Modern style will avoid using patterns and handles, Classical and traditional styles embrace it. Small filigree on handles make all the difference when it comes to Units, as dainty and tiny as it is – the impact it can make is something of note. Creams, soft whites, pine units and brushed nickel for handless or any plain colour really. Just like Rustic design, the Classic style works exceptionally well with wood – although this is usually reserved for counter tops but can be used for the units too. Ensure that your classic kitchen does not become boring by just using one shade of colour, try incorporating something that stands out like having light coloured units below your island and dark units by the wall.


    Eclectic Design:

    Eclectic design is the hybrid form of all designs. Where it may follow a particular colour theme or shape theme, the era of design – Art Deco, Modern, Rustic, Traditional, etc- is not present. A lot does not always mean too much, although this line can become blurred when it comes to Eclectic design. To ensure you do not over do it, stick with neutral tones in order to tie everything together. You want variety, not a mess. With this particular style, the sky is the limit with your choices. There is no specific handle, unit design or size to choose to follow this match this style. Although, a good way to start would be to choose which of your items you would like to match, and which would you like to stand out. An example would be to have different handles on your bottom units – drawer-line, base, etc – to your top units such as bridging units, wall units, etc. Or for a bolder approach you could mix and match with glass wall units (Modern), panelled base and drawer units (Rustic) all in soft tones (Classic) to ensure your kitchen is not too overwhelming.


    Enough about all the wonderous things you could potentially do with your kitchen and let us get down to business and find just exactly what it is you need. More in depth information and technical advice on the different units are available on our website or please contact on of our friendly staff to assist.

  • Kitchen Appliances
    Kitchen Appliances

    Homes and commercial establishments rely on BBK Direct UK to equip and upgrade their kitchens with quality appliances. Besides a vast catalogue of kitchen appliances online that you can review and compare from the comfort of your couch, the factory direct prices we offer deliver excellent value.

    Not just a purchase, but an investment

    Appliances keep your kitchen going; they must deliver optimal performance and assured durability. Energy efficiency, low-maintenance, and visual appeal are secondary, albeit important aspects to consider.

    The task of choosing the right kitchen appliance can be a bit stressful if you don't do your homework in advance. What is your budget? What size, design and set-up is well suited to your kitchen? You will need to answer these questions to make an informed choice.

    A comprehensive range of kitchen appliances online

    BBK Direct is a one-stop source for all kinds of appliances necessary in a modern kitchen.

    • Microwaves, ovens, hobs, oven and hob packs for seasoned and wannabe chefs.
    • Cooker hoods in various styles, from integrated models and downdraft extractors to island and chimney designs.
    • Gas, electric and dual fuel range cookers in classic and modern styles.
    • Refrigerators consume a lot of visual space in the kitchen. Check out the built-in, fully integrated, built-under freezer and combination fridge freezers on our site to decide which one is right for your kitchen.
    • Dishwashers in various sizes and colours.
    • Washers and dryers boasting advanced technology from leading brands.

    Once you place your order, the appliance is delivered by us or the manufacturer's carrier, to insure it is done successfully and without damage the first time round. Rest assured that your appliance will serve as your faithful workhorse for years to come. 

    Below is all the categories available for kitchen appliances, once you find your dream appliance simply select the view button for additional product info.

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