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Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are essentially small fridges specifically made to store your wine in at an optimal temperature to keep it chilled until ready to drink.

Wine Coolers are not essential in a home, nor are they very common in households, although they are nice to have. Wine Coolers are mainly for avid wine lovers, those that work with wine in cooking up fancy meals or as a profession such as Sommeliers; and sometimes they are just for aesthetic purposes to add the finishing touch on modern designs.

There are three types of wine coolers, the first is Single Zone Cooling, second is Dual Zone Cooling and last but not least, Built-In Wine Coolers.

Single Zone Cooling Wine Coolers

The explanation is all in the name really. It only has one cooling area and one temperature control. A cooling system located at the back of the wine cooler supplies cold air and keeps the temperature constant; this ensures that your wine does become a waste and expire before the given date. This type of wine cooler is the most cost effective and is perfect for those who are in the early stages of their collection.

The second type which is Dual Zone Cooling Wine Coolers

For those who are a little more knowledgeable about their wines and what the best temperature for each is. Every wine will have its own ideal temperature, what you do not want is to store your wine at the wrong temperature lest it starts aging faster or ruining the aromas and tastes before it ever reaches your glass. The Dual Zone Cooling is a huge benefit if you have a taste for both Red wines and White wines due to the fact that there are two separate compartments which can be kept at different temperatures. This allows you to keep one area for service purposes and the other for storage.

Built-In/Integrated Wine Coolers

An absolute blessing for those with minimal space or would like to add a bit of class and glam to their bar or kitchen area. These Integrated Wine Coolers have a front vent allowing it to be built in and not over heat, other Coolers that are not made to be built in will have a vent on the side. The Built-in models are designed to be the same depth as that of the kitchen countertops or cabinets to ensure a snug fit and a seamless finish; this type of Wine Cooler also has the luxury of being free standing.

Types of Wine Coolers are not the only thing you should be looking at when deciding on the perfect fit for you, but the style of the Cooler also plays an important role. For Modern design, Wine Coolers with metal shelves and a clean cut, silver or black outer appearance will work well. For those with a country or traditional theme, a Wine Cooler with wooden shelves and a classic frame made from wood with either a four-window door or a single pane would suit wonderfully.

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