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Integrated Fridge Freezers

A fridge freezer is the combination of both a fridge and a freezer but in separate compartments. Fridges are for the items you use everyday such as milk, butter, etc and freezers are for the items in storage or that cannot be kept unfrozen for an extended period of time such as meat and vegetables. The purpose of a combined Fridge and Freezer is mainly to use the least amount of space possible and to keep everything at arms reach to avoid aimless wandering around the kitchen to get the required items.


Integrated Fridge Freezers are one of the main types of Fridge Freezers. Integrated Fridge Freezers are essentially built in Fridge Freezers, they are made to seamlessly blend into a kitchen design and are most commonly found in Modern styled homes.


Being aware of the exact dimensions of where the appliance will be installed is very important, especially with an integrated product as it will need to fit perfectly inside the confines of your kitchen unit. These integrated Fridge Freezer models are usually made to fit into a standard 600 or 650mm wide cabinet, therefore are made to either be 600 or 650mm in depth and are usually 1780mm in height. Extra space of about 20mm will need to be left above and behind the product to ensure effective ventilation. Should there be no or very little ventilation, the appliance may end up using more electricity and could potential damage the compressor or motor.


There are two types of doors when it comes to Integrated Fridge Freezers, the first is the Sliding door and the second is a Fixed door. In regard to the Sliding door, a rail is fitted along the inside of the cabinet door which the fridge door then slots into. As you open the outside door, the door of the fridge slides along the rail and opens with it. The second type, the Fixed door is when the fridge door is fixed to the cabinet door with special hinges to ensure the cabinet can take the full weight of the fridge door. It is to be noted that the decision made on the style of door for the Fridge Freezer is to be made right the first time, as once it has been installed, it cannot be switched.


The advantage of having an integrated Fridge Freezer instead of a Freestanding Fridge Freezer is that it will not disrupt the theme or style of your kitchen as it will be ‘hidden.’ Integrated Fridge Freezers are also usually slimmer and more compact compared to other types, therefore it allows you the use of much needed space and ensures the appliance does not stand out as much. The disadvantage of this model is that there are minimal options to make your selection from and are generally not very cost effective. The installation can unfortunately not be a DIY project as the installation process is quite confusing and very specific, therefore a qualified electrician will be needed.

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