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Range Cookers

What is a Range Cooker? Well it is all in the name really, ‘range’ meaning variation or variety. This cooker most definitely does live up to the word variety as it has quite a number of different benefits. Benefits such as multiple ovens, a large hob and storage space make this cooker’s extra couple of centimetres seem like more than a worthy sacrifice.

Range cookers come in many shapes, colours and sizes and you will want to choose the one you like the style of. Yes, style is important when it comes to choosing the best cooker as this can potentially be the focal point of your kitchen. Although, do not let the style or the design of it be the deciding factor as where you want it to look good, you need it to work even better.

Size is an important element that one must never look over when designing your kitchen, there is no point in spending all your time and money on something you will never use. At BBK Direct, our Range cookers start at 90cm depth all the way up to 120cm. The size you decide on will depend on how much space you have available in your kitchen as well as how much cooking space you will need. Space is great, but just remember that bigger is not always better. Range cookers are expensive so do not unnecessarily get something you will not be using. If you enjoy cooking or cook quite a bit for a large number of people, bigger might just be the way to go.

Large Range cookers usually have about six to eight burners with four separate compartments. These compartments include two ovens, a storage unit for your cooking tools, a grill compartment as well as a warming drawer. Smaller Range cookers tend to have five or six burners, two ovens and a grill. Sometimes they only have one big oven and a smaller, thinner one on the side.

On our website, we have neatly categorized the Range cookers into four groups to better assist you with your selection.

Duel Fuel Range Cookers

The first group is Duel Fuel. This is the most popular of all the range cooker types as it is both electric and gas. Duel fuel ranges heat the hob or the stove top with gas and the oven with electricity. One of the advantages of this type of range cooker is the precise control you have over the temperature of the electricity to heat the oven instead of the rise and fall of temperature that usually happens with gas types. Although, unless you are a cook that really enjoys baking, you might not even notice the difference between a gas oven and an electric one.

What About Ceramic?

The second group is Ceramic, these are range cookers with a Ceramic hob also known as an electric cooker. Sleek, easy to clean and stylish are just a few of the words many use to describe it. Ceramic hobs use electric elements to efficiently heat the tempered ceramic glass. This type of cooker features digital touch to control the heating pad and other systems such as child or control locks, pause buttons and even timers to ensure you do not over-cook your meals. Some have special features such as automatically turning off if nothing is on the top or a residual heat indicator to show where it is too hot to touch. This form of Range cooker is most definitely for you if you have a busy household or curious children. In regard to cleaning, it is important to wipe it down as soon as it is safe to do so as spilled food can bake into the surface making cleaning and maintaining the top hard to do.

Gas Range Cookers

Our next group is Gas. Gas Range cookers use gas to heat the stove top as well as the oven. They heat up very quickly and prove to be more cost effective in the long run when compared to electric Range cookers as they operate on either Propane (green fuel/eco-friendly) or Natural gas (Greenhouse gas), both are relatively cheap and clean burning.  Most Gas Cookers have cast iron grates situated on the stove top as to put your pot or pan above the open flame without smothering it or damaging the top. These grates should be washed regularly in hot soapy water, rinsed and dried before placing them back on the stove top. To prevent rusting of the grates, a light coat of cooking oil can be applied to the bottom of it.


Last but certainly not least are Induction Range Cookers. This type of Range cooker feature modern, energy efficient and easy to clean stove top. Smart Induction technology make use of powerful and high frequency electromagnets instead of heated coils, these electromagnets create a magnetic field that heat the pan or pot instead of the surface of the hob. This Range cooker might heat up very quickly, but it cools down fast too ensuring a safe environment for all those involved. Like the Ceramic cooktop, the Induction hob also makes use of digital touch to control the settings, this not only adds to the modern look of the range cooker but offers more cooking control too. Unlike electric hobs, Induction hobs react in an instant to the changing of heat settings whereas Electric types tend to do this more slowly.  Most Induction Range cookers (as well as Ceramic Range cookers) are smooth, flat surfaces which means they are easy to clean as there are no crevices for food to fall into.

A couple other things to consider when choosing the best Range cooker for you are the added features some range cookers have. One to look out for if you have children or perhaps grandchildren are cool touch oven doors, this means that even when your oven is on a high temperature – the door will only remain warm. With gas appliances, check around for safety and flame failure devices. To make cooking easier and less complicated, make sure the controls are easy to use and clear to see. 

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