10 Home Improvement Projects Anyone Can Do

10 Home Improvement Projects Anyone Can Do

Are you looking for home improvement projects that are the perfect DIY weekend project? Here are some that are easy and budget friendly.

Do you think home improvement projects require lots of time, skills, tools, and money?

In the case of big overhauls and fancy upgrades, that is the typical case. It takes a lot to remodel entire rooms or homes. Bathrooms and kitchens, in particular, are very demanding projects.

However, there are many home improvements that don't require much.

Don't underestimate the impact of smaller projects. Here are 10 simple ways to make your home more pleasant.

1. Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting can change the whole atmosphere and perceived size of a room. Rethink the placement, brightness, and colour of light sources in your home.

With modern lighting options, you can reduce your energy spendings over time.

Light fixtures themselves can also add a lot of aesthetic value to your home. Or, as is often the case, make an entire home look cheap and plastic despite fancy furniture.

Whether you want a traditional look or a more trendy one, wood and brass are great choices.

Light fixtures vary a lot in price, nice ones starting around ?20. If you want a really cheap option, repainting your current fixtures can make a big difference.

Depending on your envisioned result and your skills, you may need an electrician.

2. Enhance Your Entrance

If you want to make your home look better from the street, your entrance is a great place to start.

The most impactful upgrade, in general, is to go right for the central element, your front door.

You have a few different options here, ranging from cheap to expensive. They're all simple enough to implement in one day.

The cheapest and easiest entrance improvement is a simple repaint. Can you think of a color that would look better than your current door color? Maybe it's just looking a bit aged.

Sand it down and apply new paint or varnish, it will make a big difference.

If you want to take it a little further, replace handles and other details. This can change the whole appearance of your door.

If you're looking for more serious home improvement projects, you can always replace your door with a new one. Doors can be very expensive, and remember to include installation costs in your calculations.

You can spruce up your entrance without changing your door too. Install a new lantern, get some nice plant pots, and replace your doormat and house number.

3. Update Your Bathroom

The beauty of bathroom improvements is the size of the typical bathroom. The small size means small changes will have a big impact. You can achieve a lot with ?500 and a few hours to spare.

Replacing your toilet and sink with fancy-looking ones can be cheap. Especially if you look for discontinued models.

Painting details onto tiles or adding stickers to them makes a nice finishing touch. Click here for more bathroom tile ideas.

Replacing mirrors or mirror frames is another example of a cheap, easy fix that changes the whole look of the room.

You can paint the room in one day, including time spent preparing.

4. Install New Faucets

Faucet upgrades are great home improvement projects. You can find affordable, beautiful faucets in most hardware stores. They're easy to install and make your sinks and basins look much nicer.

While you're at it, why not install a new water filter in your kitchen? Cleaner, tastier, healthier water from your tap will make your home more pleasant and impressive.

The water you'll get is better and much cheaper than the bottled kind.

5. Add Shutters to Your Windows

Bright sunlight isn't the only reason to install window shutters.

First of all, swinging wood shutters are really beautiful. They give your windows a homey, classic feel. They also help keep the cold out in the winter.

Even in cloudy regions, there are reasons to cover your windows at times. Even dim light can cause glare in TVs and computer screens. And you may have neighbours with prying eyes.

Instead of the typical, ugly shades you'll find in so many homes, why not use beautiful shutters?

They also let you air your home out without the wind tossing things about or cats leaping through.

They don't cost very much and it's easy to install them on the inside or outside of your window frame.

6. Decorate Your Walls

It's likely that you have a lot of unused wall space. Look around the room, from floor to ceiling, and think of ways to decorate those naked wall spots.

The more things there are to look at, the more eyes will move around, giving the impression of a bigger, more elaborate room.

Hanging simple shelves in stylish patterns and putting eye-catching objects on them is a very stylish improvement.

Don't be afraid of using bigger decorative pieces such as tapestries covering the distance from ceiling to floor.

Get creative with big canvases or sheets of card paper if you want beautiful, unique decorations at a minimal cost.

7. Update Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen feel dark or outdated? It's because of the cupboards and worktops.

Dark, odd colours that went out of style decades ago make many kitchens look bad. So do miscoloured formerly-white cupboards and cracked or chipped knobs.

The great thing is that there's no need to replace intact cupboards. Just buy new doors, or repaint the ones you have and get new handles.

If you don't like your countertops though, you should just replace them.

Better cupboards and countertops make the biggest step toward a better-looking kitchen.

8. Get More Flowers For Free

You didn't misread that, you can get more flowers that grow bigger without spending anything.

Separate your perennials every 3-6 years. It thins clump-forming types, boosts growth, and increases plant count.

It's a good idea to separate spring-blooming perennials from summer-blooming ones in late summer or autumn.

Learn more here.

9. Lay a Cork Floor

Cork is a great eco-friendly flooring material. It's ideal for spaces where you want to avoid a cold, hard feeling under your feet.

It's durable, stylish, and cosy. It's much easier to clean than carpet while providing the same cosy warmth.

Cork is much easier to install than ordinary wood flooring. You can buy it in panels that click together without nails or glue.

It even works on top of existing flooring in many cases, if you're feeling lazy.

And it's only a few pounds per square foot.

10. Replace Your Backsplash

Replacing a tile backsplash can really improve a kitchen, but it's not a possibility for everyone. You may lack the tools, skills, and money for nice tiles.

Putting up a panel or sheet is a less exclusive option that still makes a big difference. You can choose from many different styles and designs.

Cut the material into the right size if necessary, then glue it to your wall. That's all it takes.

It's quick, easy, and inexpensive.

Final Thoughts on Easy Home Improvement Projects

You can achieve a big positive impact on your home over the weekend without a huge investment.

These simple home improvement projects will help you create your dream home or get more money out of a sale.

Just pick your project and start getting materials.

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