How to Rock Your Next Bedroom Makeover

How to Rock Your Next Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Makeover with DIY Bedroom Decor

What is the one room in your house where you spend most of your time?

Is it the kitchen?

Maybe it's the living room?

It doesn't matter how many family dinners we have, or how many nights we sit in front of the boob-tube; the room people spend the most time is going to be the bedroom. Why, did you know that the average person spends one-third of their lives asleep?

Although we spend so much time in our bedrooms, we often leave the bedroom makeover the last thing on our decorating to-do list.

Perhaps it is time to change that!

We want to give you some bedroom ideas that'll turn your boring bedroom into one that makes you say, "I'm home."

7 Awesome Bedroom Makeover Ideas

One reason so many people tend to put renovating the bedroom at the bottom of the decorating to-do list is that it can be pretty expensive and take a lot of time from start to finish.

Fortunately, you're reading this!

We have 7 room makeover ideas that won't break the bank. Best of all, they can all be done in one weekend!

Idea 1: Get New Linens and Curtains

A new duvet or comforter can dramatically change the look and feel of a room. A new comforter and linens can take a room that is dark and gloomy, and turn it into a bright and cheery place.

The same goes with curtains!

If you have dark, black-out curtains, why not swap them out for light and airy white or cream colored curtains? They'll let in more sunlight, while still giving you privacy.

Idea 2: Choose a New Paint Color

Along with new bedding and curtains, a new coat of paint is one of the simpler DIY bedroom decor ideas that anyone can do within a weekend - or even in one day, depending on how much help you have and how large the room is.

When you're choosing colors for your bedroom, don't feel like you have to stay away from certain colors! Greens and blues are popular colors for bedrooms because they are incredibly versatile and serene.

However, if you like bold colors like reds or purples, then it's more about the shade rather than the actual color itself. Bold colors like red have a stimulating effect, which isn't really a good thing for the bedroom.

Unless, you know, you're going for a bordello kind of feel.

Idea 3: Change the Light Fixtures

Lighting in a room is equally as important as other design elements! If your bedroom has a harsh overhead light, why not switch it out with a chandelier on a dimmer switch.

Of course, you shouldn't just rely on overhead lighting to brighten your space! You can use lamps with three-way bulbs so you have control over how bright or dim the lighting is. Along with the actual lamp, the lamp shade should complement your bedroom decor while softly diffusing the light.

Idea 4: Make an Accent Wall

When you're coming up with new bedroom ideas that will really add some drama and visual interest to the room, an accent wall is a fantastic option.

Now, you can make an accent wall a variety of ways. If you're strapped for cash, you can just paint the wall behind your bed a complementary color.

If you haven't set a budget for your room makeover, you can create a nuance wall with Bushboard. We created a step-by-step guide on how do do this, which you can check out right here.

Idea 5: Use a Statement Mirror

A mirror is one of those design elements that have a practical use while still being an eye-catching piece of decor.

A large statement mirror with a nice frame is a perfect solution for bedrooms that are on the smaller side because the large mirror is going to reflect a lot of light, thus making the room look bigger.

The best thing about a mirror is that you can find them in all types of styles. Even if you can't find the perfect frame, you can either paint an old wooden frame, have a metal frame fabricated, or do a little DIY magic and distress a frame. The possibilities are endless!

Idea 6: Clear Away Clutter

Sometimes the simplest way to give your bedroom a makeover is just by clearing away the clutter and going through the things you don't need or use anymore. You'd be surprised by how differently you'll view your room once everything is neatly in its place.

Also, don't forget to go through your wardrobe during this time and donate anything you don't need anymore. You may not want your old clothing, but there are those without who would love them. Plus, doesn't it feel good to help others in need?

We think so!

Idea 7: Add a Rug

Hardwood floors are very popular in the home design world and for a very good reason! They're beautiful, they're durable, and they add to the resale value of your home!

The downside to hardwood is that it can make a room feel cold and even uninviting. By adding a rug to your bedroom, you're adding visual interest to the area (we love rugs with a bold pattern!), as well as bringing in some warmth.

Also, when you get tired of the rug, you can easily replace it with a newer rug with a completely different aesthetic.

Final Thoughts About a Bedroom Makeover

Home is where the heart is, but we think you aren't truly home unless your bedroom makes you feel safe and relaxed.

Your bedroom should be a reflection of what makes you feel at peace, and we hope that these bedroom ideas will help get your own creativity flowing. If you're in the process of moving, we implore that you do not leave your bedroom to be the last room to get revamped - instead, make it the first!

If you want more design tips for other areas of the home, we fully recommend visiting our blog. You won't be disappointed!

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