6 Tips for Your Next DIY Bathroom Remodel

6 Tips for Your Next DIY Bathroom Remodel

DIY Bathroom Remodel

Did you know that nowadays, it'll cost you an average of £3,000 to install a new bathroom? That's already a lot of money, but that can quickly spiral out of control based on several factors.

For instance, the more high-end projects can go up to a shocking £10,000. Factor in new plumbing, luxury fixtures, and brand-new tiles, and you can already imagine how much your total spending will be.

The good news is, a DIY bathroom remodel can help keep your costs down. Yes, it'll take time and polishing of your handyman skills, but the benefits you can reap? It'll all be worth it.

Plus, nothing can compare to the feeling of pride and satisfaction once you complete the project.

Before you get your overalls out though, make sure you check out these seven tips on how to remodel a bathroom! This way, you'll know the project's dos and don'ts.

1. First Things First: Gauge Your Skills

A bathroom upgrade is one of the many DIY home improvement projects you can take on. This doesn't mean that it's extremely easy or that you no longer need to plan for it.

The success of your DIY bathroom renovation project still depends on your skills and technical know-how. If you've previous experience, then that's great. But if not, then you need to get into learning mode first.

For instance, you'd want to research the methods involved in updating your walls.

This may involve smoothening out your old textured walls. There's also the matter of installing board and batten cladding. Even if you're just repainting, you should still brush up (no pun intended) on your skills and knowledge of things like contrast and colour mixing.

In any case, it's important to gauge your skills whenever you take on any DIY project to improve your home. And that includes bathroom remodeling.

2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (Or Not)

All bathrooms should feature a great mirror. Mirrors aren't just for checking out how excellently you put on your make-up or ensuring you get that perfect shave. They can also make things look bigger, which can help especially for smaller bathrooms.

But what exactly makes for an excellent mirror?

First, is the right size, which means that it should give you the reflection of your entire head. Of course, it's way better if you can see your entire body too. Make sure it also receives adequate lighting (more on this later) so that you can get the most from them.

Placement is also important. You can go for the traditional wall mirrors, which maximise wall usage. This means more room for other furniture and fixtures.

If you have more space though, you'd want to check out your other bathroom furniture options. For instance, you'll find cabinets fitted with mirrors, which already offer you storage and mirror functionalities.

3. It's Okay to Be Vain with Your Vanity Choice

If you're thinking of getting a new vanity, then you'd want to allow a bit more budget to it. After all, this could be the largest piece you'll furnish your bathroom with. With the right choice, you can show off your great style.

Keep in mind that the need for a professional plumber depends on whether you already have the necessary plumbing fixtures. Especially if you want a vanity that comes with a sink too.

If you do, then you may want to get some outside help for this. If everything is already there and all is missing is the vanity, then all you need to do is select the furniture that'll best go with the rest of your bathroom design.

4. Check the Top UK Bathroom Trends

Just because they're "trends" don't automatically mean they'll become defunct come next year. Many of these actually withstand the test of time, particularly those that offer both fashion and functionality. A great example of these long-lasting trends are those that deliver space-saving features.

You'd want to check what's hot and in when it comes to the styles and designs of bathroom fixtures because some of them offer improved material quality and workmanship. This is also a consideration when you're planning to put your house up for sale soon.

5. Going Glass for Your Shower

If you're going for a full bathroom revamp, then a glass shower enclosure may just be the right choice.

Glass, like mirrors, also offer a space-enlarging effect. Not to mention that they have a timeless, classic look. There's also the fact that glass is far easier to clean and maintain that your regular shower curtains.

6. Light Up

Adding just even one additional lighting element can already make a drastic difference to your bathroom. Not just in terms of aesthetics and appeal, but also safety.

Remember, slips, trips, and falls are very common injury-causing accidents. And in many cases, these unwanted and unfortunate incidents result from insufficient lighting. Add that to the slippery tiles or flooring of bathrooms, and that's an accident waiting to happen.

If possible, replace your current light bulbs with LED ones. These aren't just brighter than most other traditional lighting elements; they're also far more energy-efficient.

Start Your DIY Bathroom Remodel Now

A DIY bathroom remodel is a big project. But, with the right strategies, it doesn't have to cost you a lot. Nor does it have be something out of your scope.

Just remember that you'd want to plan for it and not rush things. Depending on the upgrades and updates you want, especially when it involves plumbing or wall additions or changes, it may take you several weekends. What's important is to ensure that you don't take on more than what your skills and know-how afford you to.

And if you need more tips and tricks when it comes to DIY home projects like this, make sure you pay our blogsite a visit!

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