Latest Manufacturers News - 2017 Changes To Apollo Magna Composite Range

Latest Manufacturers News - 2017 Changes To Apollo Magna Composite Range

2017 Apollo Magna Composite Worktop changes

So what has changed in 2017 with Apollo Magna composite worktops? Well just before we get to that, a quick recap of what Apollo Magna actually is.

Apollo Magna is a composite worktop that consists of a 6mm layer of composite material on a high density sub-frame that makes up the total thickness of the worktop. The surface can be seamlessly joined, is a 100% nonporous, hyenic surface which can also be renewed and repaired. Under-mounted sinks is a possibility and there is no specialized tools required for installation.

This product is a great alternative to the more well-known and costly Corian by DuPont, with only the top layer of composite thickness being the biggest difference (Apollo Magna 6mm to Corian’s 12mm Thickness) quality and performance wise you will not be able to tell the difference.

What changed from 2016 to 2017?

Even though we are well into 2017 there is still some confusion regarding the size changes that Apollo Magna has made to its worktop range and this is mostly due to suppliers not keeping their online information and products up to date – Please note none of the 2016 sizes are available, so if you see anything else than what is on our site the chances are its outdated as the sizes on our site is what the manufacturer currently produce.

Colour Change

There has been no colours discontinued or any added. Manufacturer is confidant all colours are still in line with current trends and customer demands.


42mm thickness is no longer available and is replaced by the slightly thinner 34mm thick worktops. Thinner worktops are currently trending in the UK and this change puts it directly in-between Solid surfaces 25mm thickness and composite worktops which are generally 40mm thick.

Worktop sizes

1500x600x34mm Worktop has changed to 1800x600x34mm. All sink module sizes have changed from 1500x600x34mm to 1800x600x34mm however the breakfast bar size 1800x900x34mm has stayed the same. The changes again might seem small but that added 300mm is sometimes the difference between purchasing three worktops instead of only two, ending up costing allot more money. Also the added length on the Sink modules, definitely helps you position your sink just the way you would like to, instead of always having it directly in the middle of a worktop run.

Want to see what Apollo Magna would cost you? View the entire Apollo Magna range here.

We hope that this article was helpful and if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us for friendly and helpful advice. UK's Largest and most trusted home improvement store BBK Direct.

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