New Minerva worksurface Colour 2018 - Minerva Ice Blue

New Minerva worksurface Colour 2018 - Minerva Ice Blue

Minerva has been by far the UK and BBK Direct’s bestselling solid surface worktop for 2016 and 2017 and largely this success was due to a wide array of quality worktop, breakfast bar and sink module selections, not to mention an aggressive marketing strategy. Getting companies like BBK-Direct and Homebase onboard with this product also helped with the success in a very competitive market space. However, even though Minerva’s colour selection is somewhat small compared to other manufacturers it is extremely well researched, and the colours on offer are 100% in line with the UK trends, that seem to be continuing into 2018.


Just a quick recap on the Minerva material

Minerva is manufactured for kitchen worksurfaces, bathroom vanity surfaces and as bathroom wall cladding or paneling. Material comes in 12mm or 25mm thickness and is solid all the way through, with no HDF or MDF sub-frame, this has many benefits as it makes the surface waterproof, non-porous and suitable for any area of the home. From the kitchen to the bathroom all surfaces will now be 100% hygienic and mold free as the surface does not promote the growth of any kind. The surface is also scratch, impact and heat resistant and requires no specialist tools for installation, only standard woodworking tools. Don’t forget that the surface can also be seamlessly joint for that modern, sleek and seamless kitchen design.


So what are the new Minerva colours for 2018?

As mentioned, Minerva colour selection is small but covers so many possibilities in different kitchen designs that a person wouldn’t actually think they would have to add more colours. However, here at BBK Direct we believe that the new 2018 colour Minerva Ice Blue is a big contributor towards its currently available colour selection, and here’s why.


Quick breakdown of the new Ice blue colour

The base colour is a slightly off white, with numerous other shades of white and light grey bits speckled through the worktop. Now what about the “Blue”? The blue element is created with quite closely spaced thicker, darker almost navy-blue bits and in between that is thinner, lighter slithers of ice blue material. The lighter and darker blue propels itself forward on the observer, while pushing back the lighter grey and white shades into the background, Making “blue” the center of attention but yet well balanced and not overpowering.

So what are our design ideas with this new colour in mind?  

With a colour like this it allows you to explore designs to much deeper level and pretty much three dimensionally, which might not be ‘in your face’ obvious, but subconsciously will make it one of the most balanced and beautiful kitchens they have ever seen.

The wonderful thing is that most colours used in a kitchen; greys, greens and even browns almost always have a slight blue undertone, this might not be immediately visible but allows you to tie these different kitchen elements together, creating balance and harmony.

Flooring Option

Here at BBK Direct we truly do love our grey flooring colours, whether tile, laminate or hardwood and nothing has changed. For this worktop colour we would suggest the Pergo Urban Grey Oak (Seen in the image below, including the extremely dark units, however, instead of simply plain white worktops we would rather use the Ice blue as you will still have the contrast between the units and the work surface, but now will also have more balance with your flooring, as it does have a very subtle blue undertone to this flooring colour.

 Pergo Urban Grey Oak

Use coloured appliances

Whether freestanding like fridges and stoves or table top appliances like kettles or toasters, you can use them once again to tie everything together in combination with this ice blue surface. Think of greens with blue undertones or simply a duck egg blue any of these can create harmony and balance. For example view the three colours below for the Smeg 70/30 refrigerator any of these would truly compliment this worksurface and also create a wow factor as a stand-alone feature.



Mix worktop materials

This new colour should give you the confidence to mix different worktop colours and materials in a single kitchen, and our number one suggestion would be? We would definitely have a dark wood island unit worksurface, either European Walnut (slightly lighter) or the darker American Walnut and have the ice blue for the remainder of the surfaces. Not only creating a contrast between light and dark, but playing with different shades of grey and blues that are present in each of them. Not to mention the contrast patterns between each, modern, natural, grained and speckled.


These are just some ideas, however this colour should open your mind and free up endless possibilities that not even we have contemplated yet.

Minerva Ice Blue is now available and delivered free of change in in 7-10 working days and just like all our Minerva colours is now on special at 50% off regular retail, complimented by our world famous service and reliable delivery.

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