New 2017 Corian Colours By Dupont Now available in the UK

New 2017 Corian Colours By Dupont Now available in the UK

One of the signs of a great company or manufacturer is that they reinvent themselves on a regular basis, making sure they keep up with the changing times, trends, demand and basically insuring that their clients get what they are looking for.

A great example of this is Dupont the proud manufacturer of Corian Worktops. Dupont are the inventors of the composite material that is used worldwide in multiple industries today, including the composite worktop trade in the UK. This invention opened countless doors into research of many other composite bonds that not only go into the worktop trade but help in many other fields too.

Composite is a great material for worktops as it is heat, scratch and impact resistant, it is also 100% hygienic and non-porous surface with the added benefits of being able to repair and seamlessly join worktops. However the colour of the worktop is still one of the biggest deciding factors for most clients when choosing a surface. This is where Dupont reinvents themselves on a regular basis by listening to the public and trade on what is most desirable and trending currently, developing new colours to satisfy these needs.

So what’s new for 2017 in terms of colours

Dupont has released a couple of new colours for 2017 worldwide for many different applications, but the ones shown below are available in the UK and are specifically designed for kitchen worktops.

For the last couple of years composite worktops with a quartz look (Stone and quarts particle look) was definitely in high demand but this has changed slightly for the latter part of 2016 early 2017 as allot of customers like the quartz particle look but wanted more of a natural veining affect that is present in Granite worktops, and with these new corian colours we definitely think they have answered that request.

New 2017 Corian colours: Corian Ecru, Hazelnut, Raincloud, Sandalwood, Tumbleweed, Witch Hazel,

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Corian Ecru Corian Hazelnut

Corian Raincloud Corian Sandalwood

Corian Tumbleweed Corian Witch Hazelnut

Something to keep in mind with veined worktops is that with single or standalone worktop runs there will be no visual issues, however when joining worktops either in a straight line or as a “L” or “U”   shape it must be well structured and aspects of veins running in different directions should be considered.

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