Top 10 Bathroom Tile and Shower Wall Panel Ideas

Top 10 Bathroom Tile and Shower Wall Panel Ideas

If it's time to redo your bathroom, then you're probably feeling a mixture of edge-of-your-seat excitement and nail-biting anxiety.

A beautiful bathroom can really set off your home, but with so many styles to choose from, how do you narrow it down to just one?

Whether you're after bathroom and shower wall panels, modern mosaic bathroom tiles or something more classic, the right choice can tie a room together.

Keep reading for our 10 favourite shower wall panels and tile designs.

What Are Bath and Shower Wall Panels?

First, let's briefly fill you in on what we mean by bath and shower wall panels.

We all know about tiles, right? They're usually ceramic, come in a variety of designs and are affixed using grout.

Shower wall panels are a different kettle of fish. They're 100% waterproof at their core. They're also 100% hygienic, which means no more mould growth (hands up who doesn't want to use stinky bleach to scrub the mould off their grout anymore)!

These composite or laminate panels come in a range of textures and styles and often mimic natural materials at a fraction of the cost. There's no need for grout - the panels simply adhere on to a prepped wall by means of silicone or simply clip together with tongue and groove panels. They're so quick and easy to install, you could tile a bathroom in an hour if the proper prep work has been done prior.

With these benefits, they've become the most popular choice for builders and homeowners alike in the UK.

1. The Victorian London Underground Tile

Let's start with a classic. The Victorian, rectangular, bevelled tile has really come into its own over the last few years.

The metro tiles Londoners see on their daily commute are usually white. Pick a well-maintained station though, and you'll see colours that encapsulate the 1910s-1930s, when London underground design was it its height.

Today, you can get these metro tiles in a whole range of different colours and finishes.

Use them to tile the lower half of your bathroom. Use contrasting colours, with a bold feature wall. Or tile a vertical strip in your shower, for that longed-for wow factor.

2. Driftwood Wall Panel

While natural wood isn't a good option for a high-moisture room, a laminate driftwood wall panel is a great way of bringing the outside, in.

With its natural aesthetics and pale silvery colour, it's great for nature lovers and beach-style, nautical themes.

3. Classic Italian Marble Tiles

The Italians have led the way in fashion for hundreds of years, with some styles of ancient Roman art still trending today.

Marble can be used wall-to-wall, as a feature or as an accent.

Traditional marble slabs work well, but they're expensive so plan ahead if you want your entire bathroom tiled. If you go for marble wall panels, your costs will be reduced but you'll still get the same dappled, natural marbling you see in nature.

4. Natural Stone

Natural stone is a great bathroom material, though you want a completely non-porous stone for the best antibacterial qualities.

We recommend that darker colours be used as an accent or feature. If you're going for a light coloured stone, then wall-to-wall is beautiful.

5. Moroccan Feature Wall

Zellige, or Moroccan tiles, have been around since at least the 8th century. Their style is based on Islam, but has become beloved by people the world over.

Whatever your colour palette or design style, you're sure to find Moroccan tiles to suit your taste.

We love the look of several different intricately patterned tiles in bold blue and white colours. The eclectic mix complements each other perfectly, and look stunning as a feature wall in the shower.

6. Turkish Bath

Turkish bath-style tiles are very similar to their Moroccan counterparts. From the same origins, they're also beautifully decorated and come in a variety of colours.

For larger bath and shower rooms, we love wall-to-wall Turkish bath tiles for that truly authentic relaxing feel.

Smaller bathrooms may feel cramped with so much colour on every wall. We recommend using them as a feature, or across the 2 or 3 walls within a shower enclosure, instead.

7. Rectangular Mosaics

These long thin mosaic tiles come in a whole host of colours and patterns, and we love them for their versatility.

Rectangular mosaic tiles tesselate to make a pattern of their own. Or, you can combine them with square mosaics for a more intricate design.

Unless you're feeling flush or have mad tiling skills, we think a feature wall or shower panel is the way to go with these mini tiles. They can be a little expensive, but more than that they take a long time to lay.

8. Flecked Marble

Flecked marble tiles are just that - marble tiles with little flecks of varying colour. Flecked marble can be either two-tone or multicoloured.

If you're particular about the specific colours in your tile, you'll need to examine each piece of marble as you buy it, as nature dictates each piece of stone's makeup.

You can also find flecked marble shower wall panels, which will be more uniform in colour and easy to lay.

For black and dark colours, go for a dramatic backsplash in the shower or bath area. For pale colours, you can go wall-to-wall for a shimmering, sparkling haven.

9. Polished Concrete

Now synonymous with cutting-edge design and luxury spas, polished concrete is a definite contender for any bathroom.

Concrete can sometimes be difficult to maintain due to its high porosity, so we'd recommend wall panels for their durability and hygienic quality.

Polished concrete looks stunning either in a shower or on a bath panel. Use it behind your sink, with a mirror mounted on it for true luxury retreat style.

10. Fishscale Feature

We thought we'd end with a quirky one. Fishscale tiles add a fun and yet sophisticated touch to your bath or shower room. They come in an assortment of colours. We love colours of the ocean and a shimmery pearlescent finish for that underwater feel.

Showcase these beautiful tiles by laying them in your shower, and leaving the rest of the room in a brilliant white, for best effect.

The Takeaway on Shower Wall Panels and Tiles

The tiles you choose for your bathroom are important because they'll probably still be there in 5 years' time.

The right tiles will set off your room, and make bathtime restful and relaxing, as it should be.

So, take your time when choosing your perfect shower wall panels and tiles. Bookmark our 10 favourites, own your style, and you're sure to find the ideal tiles just right for you.

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