In the first installment LARGE BATHROOMS - BBK DIRECT TIPS ON HOW TO USE THE SPACE – PART 1 we covered Baths, showers and toilets, which are basically the main items in a bathroom, however they are not more important than any of the other item we are going to discuss in part 2 which will be bathroom wall panelling/covering, basins, storage, towel rails and briefly on bathroom flooring as all of these contribute a lot to the practicality, hygiene and look of the area. Please remember that even though we are speaking about large areas, a lot, if not most of the products discussed can also work just as well in smaller areas so if you are looking for small bathroom ideas then please feel free to read further.

We are going to start by talking about the largest surface area in a bathroom, that can truly cause your project to be either a complete success, complementing everything nicely in the room and bringing flawless hygiene and practicality to the area or it can give you a costly headache and not a great experience. We are talking about bathroom walls, tiles are still a firm favourite but over the years we have had 1000’s of happy clients and the positive feedback regarding bathroom wall panelling has made this our number one choice when deciding what to do with your bathroom walls.

So why should you consider wall panelling for your new large bathroom or renovation?

We have covered this quite comprehensively in our Wall panelling Vs Tiling article (Hyper link button) but let’s look at it from a large bathroom perspective. One of the biggest problems with tiling is that it requires a seasoned tiler or tradesman to get the job done 100% correct. In a small bathroom you can get away with some miscalculations but in a large area if you are 1mm of on one end it can result in being cm’s out on the other. Also tradesman costs as everybody knows, is a costly business and as tiling takes more time to get done, it really can elevate your costs in a large bathroom. Wall panelling on the other hand comes in large sheets making covering extensive areas a much simpler task with much less risk of making mistakes. Whether simply adhering the panels to the wall or using cladding support brackets, installation time is reduced considerably compared to tiling and installation is even further reduced if you choose the Tongue & Groove panels that are so readily available.

Note: If you are looking to install a concealed cistern like described in part one of this article, it is recommended that you use cladding brackets on that stretch of wall, as you will need a slight gap between the wall and the panel to install this.

From our customer feedback our two top materials for wall cladding would be 100% waterproof laminate and solid surface which both have similar attributes when it comes to performance.

Some attributes of these two materials.

1. No specialist tools required for laminate or Solid Surface installation, basic woodworking tools are all that is required to achieve professional end results.

2. Both are 100% waterproof and non-porous, which does NOT promote the growth of germs and mould making it also 100% hygienic and easy to keep clean.

3. Laminate panels can be joined either by T&G or by the use of extrusions, whereas Solid surface panels can be seamlessly joined with uninterrupted lines.

4. Laminates come in a huge array of colours and designs from marble, wood and tile affects and everything in between, mimicking natural materials in colour, design and even feel at a fraction of the cost.

5. Cost of material and installation cheaper than tiles.

With all the great attributes it is hard not to make it our number one choice. View all our available wall panelling here

What is the best option when it comes to basins in my large bathroom?

Well you definitely need his and hers basin set, in other words double sink configuration. There is nothing worse than trying to get ready for the day and you are stepping on each other’s toes, trying to get your teeth brushed and face washed, making sure there is two basins will keep your bathroom the place of serenity as intended. We also suggest instead of just mounting support onto a wall for the basins to actually get a bathroom unit, this will not only give a much more stable support for the increased weight of double basins, but increase linin and cleaning supply storage area as well. View products here

Why would I need storage or towel tower in my large bathroom area?

Everybody has been in the shower or bath and realised that they don’t have a towel, and had to either call their better half or make a run for the linin closet themselves, wet and cold. Now this is the simple answer to this question and the most obvious, but if you have a large bathroom a towel tower unit can also add that something special when it comes to design but also a means to make the area not look so empty. Imagine a bathroom with lots of marble affect and white ceramic and then you add a dark wooden towel tower unit, this creates a stand out focus point that can create a contrast between light and dark or vice versa. So as you can see, storage units can not only be used for practicality, but as a design statement as well.

Is heating necessary in the large area?

Small bathrooms are always nice and warm when bathing as steam is confined and therefor creates a comfortable environment. With a large area, not so much, it can be considerably colder especially in the winter months. Due to the moisture in a bathroom we wouldn’t suggest any electrical form of heating even if it does say it is suitable for bathroom use, our suggestion is to install heated towel rails that are plumbed to the heating system of your house. Yes it is a glorified radiator, but our stylish solutions lends itself towards a modern and sophisticated bathroom design, with the added benefit of being able to dry off with a warm towel making the entire experience so much more pleasant. View all our heated towel rails here

Our top choice and tips for bathroom flooring

Our top choice for bathroom flooring would be 100% waterproof laminate flooring, and one of the main reasons for this is that it is warm under your feet, unlike floor tiles. A couple of other great attributes is that it is 100% non-porous so does not promote the growth of mould and is 100% hygienic making the chore of cleaning so much easier. Another point is that it comes in many colours and designs and mimics natural materials not only in look but in feel as well, and if you still want that tile affect this is also readily available. Laminate flooring is the easiest flooring to install and can even be laid over existing floor tiles, which will cut installation cost and time in half. View available bathroom flooring here

Now when it comes to design inspiration of a large bathroom floor we would suggest using long wide planks, no matter if a light or dark floor has been chosen as this will show-off, amplify or showcase the large area way more affectively. We would personally go for a dark wood plank affect, as this will not only have a delightful contrast between the white ceramic of basins and bath, but also create that warm feeling that is so calming and home like. One of our favourite waterproof laminate flooring colours

We truly hope that you have received some inspiration by reading this article and if you need any questions answered please never hesitate to contact one of our friendly and helpful staff at BBK Direct.

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