The average person spends 1.5 years of his/her lifetime in the bathroom. For some of us, our bathroom is a place for dreaming, relaxing and pondering. Archimedes discovered the principle of buoyant force whilst bathing in the tub. Some of your best Eureka! Moments, ideas and inspirations may strike when you're in the shower, bath tub or toilet. ...

The average person spends 1.5 years of his/her lifetime in the bathroom. For some of us, our bathroom is a place for dreaming, relaxing and pondering. Archimedes discovered the principle of buoyant force whilst bathing in the tub. Some of your best Eureka! Moments, ideas and inspirations may strike when you're in the shower, bath tub or toilet. It is not surprising then that bathroom design is given the same level of priority as the living room or bedroom. Let us help today, by getting your Bathrooms Direct to you, for less!


Make your bathroom a place that you don't just point at but also show off!


With BBK Direct UK, you can convert a drab or ugly bathroom into a vision of beauty and a functional zone with a safe and accessible design. We have a huge selection of bathroom products for simple and elaborate needs. Whether you want to do up your large bathroom or you're interested only in small bathroom design, you'll definitely find a suitable product in our catalogue.


A quick look at our bathroom products


We have the A-Z of bathroom products, from surfaces to utility units/additions.


  • Worktops can set the tone for your bathroom. While they may suffer less wear and tear compared to kitchen countertops, they must be moisture, heat and stain resistant. Our bathroom worktops are available in different materials, from quartz and granite to solid surface and laminate.

  • Bathroom flooring must necessarily be moisture-proof and durable enough to bear constant foot traffic. These factors assume even more importance if you have kids or elderly people in the house. That is why you should look at our waterproof laminate flooring and waterproof vinyl flooring for your bathroom.

  • Bathroom wall paneling has emerged as a viable and sought-after alternative to tiles. We have a vast selection of bathroom panels for your showering area. From warm and cool colors to eye-catching stains and a variety of material, we've covered all bases!

  • Baths and mixers range from standard, non-fussy designs to more showy, contemporary units. You'll find a good choice of space-saving, freestanding and shower baths on our site, as well as bath screens, shower mixes, bath fillers and bath accessories.

  • From tradition and wall-hung to back-to-wall toilets and toilet accessories, we stock something for every need.

  • Heated towel rails provide warmth on cold days/nights while also adding a dash of style to your bathroom. With our large and constantly updated range, finding a product that matches your budget and style needs should be very easy.

  • Bathroom furniture and units stow supplies out of sight, making sure that they're always at an arm's length when you need them. At BBK Direct, you can choose from modular units, fitted units, wall hung units, and floorstanding furniture.


    Shop today


You don't have to wait long to convert your bathroom from boring to fab. We offer a free sample service to help you make a quick and informed decision. Deliveries on most items are achieved in three to five days, template and fitting products like quartz and granite bathroom countertops have a lead time of 7-10 days from order to template and 7 days from template to fitting. Start picking out products today and pretty soon, you'll be the owner of an enviably appealing bathroom!


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  • Bathroom Worktops
    Bathroom Worktops

    All our bathroom worktops that we supply are specifically manufactured for bathrooms or that have 100% waterproof attributes which make them suited for a wet and damp environments.

    Your next bathroom worktop can be trendy, durable and heat as well as stain resistant. Peruse the numerous options in bathroom worktops on this page. Get your free sample within a day or two, and have a qualified fitter transform the look and functionality of your bathroom (Granite, Quartz & Apollo Slab Tech). It's that easy when you shop for bathroom worktops at BBK Direct.

    Four materials and countless designs to choose from!

    Bathroom laminates

    With a 15-year warranty, laminate offers excellent value for your money. Select from 21 designs, including textures resembling marble, travertine and granite. You also have a good choice in colours and stains to complement the existing look of your bathroom or to plan a complete design overhaul. All our laminate bathroom worktops are also 100% water proof!

    Bathroom granite

    The natural look and timeless appeal of granite has made it a popular choice of material in bathrooms and kitchens. The stunning granite worktops in our catalogue are available in a number of classic and current patterns. Make your granite worktop the centrepiece of your bathroom. Generally the price of granite worktops run higher than other materials, but  with us we have made it so much more affordable, by supply it to the Uk public at trade prices.

    Bathroom quartz

    At 95% natural quartz and 5% Polymer and colour pigments it makes for the a more environment-friendly worktop option. It also happens to be one of the components of granite, making it rugged and durable. Quartz bathroom worktops do not require routine maintenance; a quick wash with soap water will keep them looking as good as new. We have an exciting range of quartz worktops from dark to light colours, as well as some eye-catching bright blue and red sparkle colours. Whether you're going for a rustic, classic or contemporary look, we've got you covered!

    Bathroom solid surface 

    Solid surface worktops mimic the appearance of natural stone such as diamond, gemstone, quartz and pewter. We have a high-quality selection of solid surface worktops (Solid, No MDF 100% Waterproof) from the highest quality brands in the UK like Mistral, Minerva, M-Stone and Apollo Slab Tech that promise a durable finish and add a premium look to your bathroom. All our solid surface worktops contain between 7 and 15 % quartz particles that lends itself towards its durable nature.

    Choose your preferred Bathroom worktop category below to get all the Information you require on available colours, sizes, pricing and instant online quotes for Granite, Quartz and more.
  • Bathroom Flooring
    Bathroom Flooring

    The largest contributor to bathroom safety and aesthetics


    Your bathroom flooring has to live up to a lot of expectations. It needs to be stain-resistant, moisture proof, it should be able to provide enough friction when it is wet and it should be able to withstand plenty of foot traffic. We at BBK Direct provide a massive collection of bathroom flooring options that not only manages to do everything you expect from it, but also look great while doing it.


    Choosing the right bathroom flooring


    There are a wide range of options available in bathroom flooring that suit every individual's tastes and needs. Given below is a short guide to help you narrow down your selection.


    Start by addressing safety:


    The first thing you need to consider while choosing bathroom flooring is the safety of people in the household. Most designs are suitable for adult users, but if there are young children in your home, you will want to consider flooring that can withstand puddles of water and staining. If there are elderly people in the house, it is best to go in for designs that offer a soft underfoot and plenty of slip resistance.


    Choose the right material:


    Bathroom flooring can be made of laminate, vinyl, porcelain or a number of other materials, each of which offer their own set of benefits. Find out which ones provide the functionality that fits best with your requirements. Remember that tiles made for a wall should never be used as bathroom flooring.


    Try to stick to the design theme:


    Despite design concerns being last on the list, it is possible to choose a visually appealing bathroom flooring as modern ones come in a wide variety of colours, patterns, sizes and finish. Choose a bathroom flooring that goes well with the rest of the room.


    A wide range of bathroom flooring only at BBK Direct


    At BBK, we offer a huge collection of bathroom flooring options from reputable brands like Pergo Laminate Flooring, Berry Alloc Flooring and Aqua Step Flooring. From below either select from available categories or use the filter feature to find exactly what you need.  

  • Bathroom Wall Panelling
    Bathroom Wall Panelling

    A modern alternative to bathroom tiles


    Bathroom wall panels; Bathroom tiles are expensive to install and difficult to maintain, and the high moisture in the room can lead to the gradual growth of mould if not meticulously maintained. Bathroom wall panels, on the other hand, are easier to install and maintain and they offer a much wider range of design options. Small wonder then that many home-owners now prefer to use wall panels instead of bathroom tiles. You can find the perfect set of bathroom wall panelling for your home at BBK Direct.


    Choosing the right wall panelling for your bathroom


    The right wall panelling can make your bathroom look beautiful for many years to come. But as there are so many options to choose from, narrowing down your selection can be a daunting task. Here is a short guide to choosing the right wall panels for your bathroom.


    All our supplied wall panels are 100% waterproof and 100% hygienic and non-porous.


    Measure the space:


    Although laminate wall panels come in standard sizes, but there is many sizes to choose from. So the first step is to measure your space so that you can choose the options that provide the right amount of flexibility and the least possible wastage.


    Consider your accessories and cut-out placements:


    There are a couple of extra things to consider, weather you are going to fit a soap dish, if your mixer tap is going to require you to cut holes in the panels and even your concealed cistern position. Make sure to take note of all these additions as they will have to be a main consideration when selecting your bathroom panels and fitting options.  


    Stick to the design theme:


    Laminate bathroom wall panelling provides a much wider range of design customizations with patterns, colours, sizes etc... Use it to your advantages by choosing the ones that fit best with the theme of the rest of your bathroom, so that it provides a uniform effect throughout the room. Unless you want it to stand out, then your imagination is the only limitation.


    A wide range of bathroom wall panelling only at BBK Direct


    As we offer a massive collection of bathroom wall panel designs, you will definitely find one that perfectly complements your design ambitions. All our laminate wall panel designs are available below simply clic view on your preferred design to see additional info like fitting options, panel sizes and pricing etc...

  • Baths and Mixers
    Baths and Mixers

    Bringing beauty and functionality together in your bathroom


    The right baths, bath mixers and shower mixers can have a huge influence on the overall functionality and visual appeal of your bathroom. At BBK Direct, we love guiding home owners with the selection of their bathroom fixtures, so that they can enjoy their choice with no regrets for many years to come. We offer a large collection of shower and bath designs along with mixers from reputable companies such as Bretton Park, Abode and more.


    Choosing the right bathroom mixers


    Choosing the right design for your bath or shower panel can be difficult due to the sheer variety available on the market. But this handy guide will help you 'zero-in' on just the right one that suits all your needs:


    1.       Start with the functionality: The ultimate purpose of having bathroom fixtures is to provide a seamless and comfortable bathing experience. Mixer taps are best used when it is important for you to have a comfortable temperature of water before the bath fills up.


    1.       Choose the dimensions and finish: Once you have decided the type of bathroom mixers to use, find out which size of mixers best suits your bath and shower area. The finish of your bathroom fixtures determines how well it fits in with the rest of your theme, and how often it needs to be maintained.


    1.       Stick to the theme: Whether you are redesigning a bathroom or building one from a scratch, the overall theme of the bathroom needs to be maintained with each component. Choose from classic and modern designs to find which model best complements the rest of the bathroom.


    A wide range of baths and mixers only at BBK Direct


    Regardless of what kind of theme or function you are looking for in a bath or bath mixer, you are sure to find something that perfectly fits your requirements. Browse through our massive collection of freestanding baths, shower baths, and bath mixers, right from the most traditional ones to more recent modern designs. At BBK Direct, we offer only the highest quality products to ensure customer satisfaction. Click on your preferred category below or use the filter product function to help you find exactly what you need.

  • Basins and Mixers
    Basins and Mixers

    The perfect basin for the perfect bathroom


    The basin is one of the most important parts of your bathroom, which is why it's worth taking the extra effort when choosing which one will be used in your home. At BBK, we've made it our business to ensure that you and your family can enjoy the seamless functionality and unique designs of our reliable and high quality basin fittings. And with a line up that includes renowned brands like Bretton Park and Abode you can be sure that your beautiful new basin will stay that way for years to come.


    Choosing the right basin and basin mixers


    With our selection of high quality basins and mixers, you'll be spoilt for choice. While you're certain to find one that works for your bathroom, it can be hard to narrow down your selection. The following guide will help you find the right basin and basin mixers for your bathroom.




    If you are renovating or constructing your bathroom from scratch, choosing the location of your basin forms an important part of the selection process. Wall mounted or cloakroom basins are best suited for smaller spaces, while pedestal basins require much more space.


    Usage considerations:


    Another important consideration is how many people will be using the sink. An inset basin makes a great choice for the family bathroom as it can be easily used by kids. If there are chances that many people will be needing to use the sink in a short time, consider a double basin.


    Design and aesthetics:


    Lastly, a basin and basin mixer that goes well with the rest of the bathroom complements the aesthetic appeal of the room. Try as far as possible to stick to the theme of your home while choosing basins and basin mixers.


    A wide range of basins and basin mixers only at BBK Direct


    Browse through our massive collection of basins, basin mixers and other bathroom fixtures to add to the beauty and functionality of your bathroom. At BBK Direct, we offer all types of basins to suit every individual's design requirements. Click on the category of your choice below or use the filter feature to show exactly what you need.

  • Toilets

    If there’s one appliance or fitting that home owners would most dread to have break down on them, it’s probably their toilets.

    At BBK Direct, we sell a wide range of high-quality commodes and accessories. All our toilets come at highly affordable prices and are fully backed by manufacturer warranties.

    Here are a few of the bathroom fittings and accessories that we carry

    Wall-hung toilets

    True to their name, these units are ‘hung’ from the wall and feature a flush tank or cistern which is concealed within the wall itself. These units are popular for their sleek modern lines and the sense of space they can afford to even a small bathroom. It's also possible to easily clean under them as they have no floor attachments and if you're worried about durability, don't be, when installed correctly they can withstand weights of up to 200Kgs.

    Back-to-wall toilets 

    Like our wall hung selection the flush tank / cistern on these toilets are completely concealed in the wall, making the bathroom appear more spacious. However these units feature a base to rest on rather than being attached to the wall. Like their wall-hung compatriots, these units are elegant and stylish with the added bonus of not relying on the walls for support, this makes them an ideal choice when remodelling older or historic homes.

    Standard toilets 

    also called ‘close-coupled’ toilets and coming with an attached matching cistern, these units are the 'old reliables' of our toilet bowl range. Coming in a variety of colours and shapes we have something to suit every need; from something minimal and contemporary to lend a 'designer look' to your washroom to something more intricately detailed to match your more classical tastes.

    Toilet and basin packs For those of you struggling to find a good pairing for your bathroom furniture, we offer some of our range of toilets in 'packs' with a matching basin so that you can find a perfect 'matching set' without any of the hassle.

    Toilet accessories 

    For wall-hung toilets and back-to-wall toilets, the cisterns are sold separately. Because they are concealed in the wall, the focus of their design is functionality, not appearance. You can choose one according to what kind of capacity and flush controls you would like to have for your bathroom.

    A wall-hung toilet also requires a wall frame to which the toilet bowl is attached. This can also be found in our range of offerings.

    While you're at it, we also offer a range of toilet seats to help add a little bit more style or comfort (or both) to your toilet.

    Simply choose your preferred toilet category below or use our filter product function to find exactly what you are looking for. just another way we make thing simpler, faster, cheaper! 

  • Showers

    Find your perfect shower today!

    There are few pleasures in life more pure than a hot shower after a long hard day. And with our collection of shower enclosures, shower trays, shower heads and mixer valves, a good thing just got even better. The fittings we stock are all of the highest quality and are guaranteed to last by their manufacturers.

    Ready to take your shower to the next level or need to finish of your new bathroom perfectly? Have a look at what we at BBK direct can do for you.

    Shower enclosures 

    These are great to have when the size of your bathroom is limited. Made of glass (meaning they can be easily installed and also washed down/cleaned), they protect shower water from gathering on to the bathroom floor and making it wet. All the water gets collected within the enclosure, from where it is promptly drained away.

    We offer different sizes and shapes – there are also now ‘curved’ shower enclosures – and with different frames/door handles, so you can pick one to go with the overall theme of your bathroom. There are shower enclosures with doors that swing open as well as sliding doors.

    Shower trays

    A shower tray fits neatly into the base of your shower enclosure, so that all water falls on the tray, from where it gets drained out immediately; and does not spill out on to the bathroom floor from underneath the enclosure.

    They come in a variety of shapes (there are now quadrant-shaped shower trays meant to be installed in corners and with curved enclosures) and designs, including where the drain outlet is not immediately visible and so appears to be ‘concealed’, so you can be sure that they do not stand out as odd, but add to the elegance of your bathroom.

    Shower heads 

    The conventional shower head has gone out of vogue. What we sell are ‘trendy’, so that the overall appearance of your bathroom is enhanced by them. Some are fixed, while others are ‘movable’ – to ensure maximum convenience. However, the look is important but functionality is paramount. We have a wide range of shower heads that not only add to your showering experience by ample water distribution but also delivers it efficiently.

    Shower head and mixer packs

    We also sell shower heads that come with visually matching shower mixer valves – this is how you can purchase a whole set instead of worrying about not finding a matching mixer for your shower head. Whether hot water, cold water or a mix of both, now you can truly enjoy your shower!

    Simply view your preferred category below or use our filter product function to find your perfect shower product. When you have found what you like, view the product for more details like sizes, finishes, colours, prices and more. 

  • Bathroom Units and Furniture
    Bathroom Units and...

    Bathroom Units for Any Circumstance 

    These can greatly add to the character of your bathroom, adding additional functionality and storage, while also enhancing the aesthetics of the room.

    Available in several makes and styles as well as a whole range of colours, whatever your preferences may be, we have it in stock! We take pride in supplying these high-quality, manufacturer warranty-backed products to the public at trade prices.

    We don't compromise on delivery either. Our delivery executives treat your orders with extreme care to ensure that they suffer no damage during transit and delivery. Flat packs are delivered in as little as two days, while ridged is as little five days.

    Please note that doors are included at no extra charge, just another way we we at BBK Direct UK make things simpler, faster and cheaper!

    We offer bathroom units in several different configurations, as listed below.

    Modular units: There are drawer units, both single and double; midi units; tower towel units; and WC units which come in handy when you want to conceal the cistern of a wall-hung toilet or back-to-wall toilet but don't want to take apart your wall to fit them in.

    Fitted units: These are similar to modular units, except they are less stand-alone and more directly integrated into the room. You can buy wall units, base units, WC units, vanity units, drawer packs or any combination thereof. Our inventory is manufactured by Bretton Park, which has a number of themes on offer. You can get in touch with us if you have a particular theme/design in mind that you want implemented for your bathroom, or even if you are looking for ideas – we will be happy to help.

    Furniture units: These are similar to kitchen cabinets but act as a standalone or non-fixed feature.  For the overhead storage units, you could also choose between the cabinet doors being solid or having mirrors for even greater functionality in addition to the extra storage space.

    In some cases, cisterns cannot be concealed in the walls because of plumbing/wiring/drainage pipes or the wall being a common one, shared between two apartments in a building. But that doesn't mean you can't have a great-looking bathroom – furniture units can help in such situations

    Select from any category below or use the filter product function to find exactly what you looking for.

  • Heated Towel Rails
    Heated Towel Rails

    Although they were first considered to be an unnecessary accessory for the bathroom, heated towel rails have become extremely popular. The main reason that many people have come to consider them to be something of a necessity is because of how useful it is in bathrooms and other areas which have too much moisture. We at BBK Direct have stocked up on some of the most cost effective and stylish heated towel rails to help you add functionality along with some serious elegance to your bathroom!


    Choosing the perfect heated towel rails for you.


    We pride ourselves if offering a wide variety of furniture and interior décor accessories, but we also know that it can sometimes be difficult to narrow down to be ones which are best suited for your needs. Here is a short guide to help you select the best heated towel rail.


    Choose the type of heating:


    Heated Towel rails either work on electricity or use a hydronic heating system like a radiator. Either way, you will need to provide the support system necessary for a heated towel rail to work, so choose one that is most convenient.


    Go for an appropriately sized model:


    The size of your heated towel rail will depend not only on the size of your bathroom, but also the number of towels you plan to keep warm. Freestanding towel rails have a single rail and they are best suited for small bathrooms. Ladder towel rails, on the other hand, provide plenty of room for numerous towels, but they require a much larger bathroom.


    Consider the style and finish:


    Modern heated towel rails come in a number of styles that suit specific individual tastes. Stainless steel finishes are more energy efficient, but chrome models are much more stylish and they are able to fit into modern and classic designs well.


    A wide range of heated towel rails only at BBK Direct


    Browse through our collection of heated towel rails to find the ones that best fit your requirements, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to call or email.

  • Bathroom Taps
    Bathroom Taps

    Taps always play a vital role in any bathroom, and have a huge influence on the overall aesthetic of the room. While style is certainly important, your fittings are one place where function should always trump form. Luckily with our line of attractive, high quality bathroom tap fixtures, you won't need compromise on either! We at BBK Direct have stocked up on a huge collection of reliable bathroom taps that suit every type of bathroom style, from classical to contemporary.


    Choosing the right bathroom taps


    The sheer amount of variety in tap designs can make it difficult to purchase one that is suitable. Given below is a simple guide to narrow down to the ones that best fit your requirements.


    Find out the water pressure in your home:


    Most taps are designed for a certain range of water pressure. Pillar taps and taps with two handles function well at low pressures, while single-lever mixers and wall mounted taps are best suited for higher water pressures. Choosing a high water pressure tap for a low pressure water system will result in slow water floor, and many extra minutes in filling up a bath.


    Check the availability of tap holes:


    Traditional bath basins come with two holes for separate hot and cold water supplies, while some may come with one or even three pre-drilled holes. Pillar taps use only one hole, mixer taps require two water supply holes while some tap designs require accommodation for two handles and one spout.


    Maintain uniformity in design:


    The taps you choose for your bath, basin and shower bath need to be similar in design so that a certain degree of uniformity is maintained in the room. At BBK Direct we have designs from brands like Abode and Bretton Park who make it a point to create functional and visually stunning bathroom taps.


    A wide variety of bathroom taps only at BBK Direct


    Browse through our collection of bath taps, basin taps and shower bath taps and take your pick! You can view the products that you find interesting to find out dimensions, pressure requirements, finish, price and other details. Or select from your preferred category or use the filter function to find exactly what you need.

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