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Heated Towel Rails

Although they were first considered to be an unnecessary accessory for the bathroom, heated towel rails have become extremely popular. The main reason that many people have come to consider them to be something of a necessity is because of how useful it is in bathrooms and other areas which have too much moisture. We at BBK Direct have stocked up on some of the most cost effective and stylish heated towel rails to help you add functionality along with some serious elegance to your bathroom!


Choosing the perfect heated towel rails for you.


We pride ourselves if offering a wide variety of furniture and interior décor accessories, but we also know that it can sometimes be difficult to narrow down to be ones which are best suited for your needs. Here is a short guide to help you select the best heated towel rail.


Choose the type of heating:


Heated Towel rails either work on electricity or use a hydronic heating system like a radiator. Either way, you will need to provide the support system necessary for a heated towel rail to work, so choose one that is most convenient.


Go for an appropriately sized model:


The size of your heated towel rail will depend not only on the size of your bathroom, but also the number of towels you plan to keep warm. Freestanding towel rails have a single rail and they are best suited for small bathrooms. Ladder towel rails, on the other hand, provide plenty of room for numerous towels, but they require a much larger bathroom.


Consider the style and finish:


Modern heated towel rails come in a number of styles that suit specific individual tastes. Stainless steel finishes are more energy efficient, but chrome models are much more stylish and they are able to fit into modern and classic designs well.


A wide range of heated towel rails only at BBK Direct


Browse through our collection of heated towel rails to find the ones that best fit your requirements, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to call or email.

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