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If there’s one appliance or fitting that home owners would most dread to have break down on them, it’s probably their toilets.

At BBK Direct, we sell a wide range of high-quality commodes and accessories. All our toilets come at highly affordable prices and are fully backed by manufacturer warranties.

Here are a few of the bathroom fittings and accessories that we carry

Wall-hung toilets

True to their name, these units are ‘hung’ from the wall and feature a flush tank or cistern which is concealed within the wall itself. These units are popular for their sleek modern lines and the sense of space they can afford to even a small bathroom. It's also possible to easily clean under them as they have no floor attachments and if you're worried about durability, don't be, when installed correctly they can withstand weights of up to 200Kgs.

Back-to-wall toilets 

Like our wall hung selection the flush tank / cistern on these toilets are completely concealed in the wall, making the bathroom appear more spacious. However these units feature a base to rest on rather than being attached to the wall. Like their wall-hung compatriots, these units are elegant and stylish with the added bonus of not relying on the walls for support, this makes them an ideal choice when remodelling older or historic homes.

Standard toilets 

also called ‘close-coupled’ toilets and coming with an attached matching cistern, these units are the 'old reliables' of our toilet bowl range. Coming in a variety of colours and shapes we have something to suit every need; from something minimal and contemporary to lend a 'designer look' to your washroom to something more intricately detailed to match your more classical tastes.

Toilet and basin packs For those of you struggling to find a good pairing for your bathroom furniture, we offer some of our range of toilets in 'packs' with a matching basin so that you can find a perfect 'matching set' without any of the hassle.

Toilet accessories 

For wall-hung toilets and back-to-wall toilets, the cisterns are sold separately. Because they are concealed in the wall, the focus of their design is functionality, not appearance. You can choose one according to what kind of capacity and flush controls you would like to have for your bathroom.

A wall-hung toilet also requires a wall frame to which the toilet bowl is attached. This can also be found in our range of offerings.

While you're at it, we also offer a range of toilet seats to help add a little bit more style or comfort (or both) to your toilet.

Simply choose your preferred toilet category below or use our filter product function to find exactly what you are looking for. just another way we make thing simpler, faster, cheaper! 

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